Facebook: In Ur Life Invading Ur Privacy

November 29, 2007

…”You might not want things you do to be broadcast into facebook, but the evidence says that many people would”…
Facebook have set up this thing called Beacon (see end of post for a bit of a description), which shopping sites can use so that when you buy things from them it shows up on your Facebook Mini Feed. According to the writer over at JbJb this is ok.

So I ask you:

  • Do you mind Facebook invading your privacy if it makes the service better?
  • Do you want the things you do to be broadcast on Facebook/Any other social Networking site?

I am interested to see how many people would actually want this. So please leave a comment and your thoughts (:
Thank you!

The following is stolen from the blog post :
“Facebook Beacon”

This is the big one – and it’s caused a good deal of controversy in the press this week. Here’s the elevator pitch: add a few lines of code to your company’s website, and when a facebook user makes some kind of action on your site (e.g. purchases a product) this news gets published on their mini-feed and on their friend’s newsfeeds. Users get a chance to opt-out, but not by default. This can be used intelligently with social ads so that people only see an advert for your product when they’ve committed a Beacon action. In other words, it’s a new way for Facebook users to log and broadcast their outside-of-Facebook online activity inside Facebook.


One comment

  1. I enjoy using Facebook but this is taking things a bit too far. I have no desire to broadcast to everyone on my friends list that I’ve just bought a DVD!

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