Robot Wifeu: The Geeks Dream

November 30, 2007

I was reading this article on Wired and it got me thinking. Could you imagine if Robot’s became so advanced we could actually “marry” them or buy one to fulfil certain needs! *laughs*  It would be every Hikkokomori Anime/WoW/Godknowswhat Geeks fantasy. You know those boys who obsess over Anime girls and think that real girls just can’t quite cut it next to those Animated beauties. They would go mad over having Robot women they can buy and would take the place of a normal woman.

For one thing they could customise the robots to actually look like their fav Anime/Gaming/Celeb. Remember that episode of Futurama where Fry downloads Lucy Lui into a blank Robot and then falls in love with her? That would be what the future would hold! *laughs* Can you imagine walking around and people sitting in cafes or making out with Angelina Jolie or Hayden Thingymabob or Haruhi Suzumiyah or bloody Tifa?! It would be mental! But it would be every uber-geeks dream right? They  could obtain women way beyond their limits! Actually why am I limiting this to guys? I mean girls would be just as excited. Actually I bet every Yaoi Fangirl would buy a pair of boys to resemble those in their fav Animes and make them get it on! I can actually see that happening, Yaoi Fangirls watching Kyon and Itsuki get at it. Deary me. Metal Fever!

The other thing about Robot partners is that like you have complete control over them. If you get sick of them you can just turn them off and stick them in a closet till you need them again. Can you imagine having a fight with your Robot Other Half and simply just turning the volume down so you couldn’t hear what they were saying? That would eliminate all of lifes problems. Because even though these are Robot People they would be able to think and have emotions, well I assume they would. They would be like people you could just control.

My prediction for the far far future where Robots are people is that you will get more people staying inside and disconnecting from Society as you do now. *laughs* I mean the internet has people cooped up indoors imagine if they could get sex whenever they want without any effort too with the woman of their dreams?! You’d have trouble getting them out of bed (Laptop, Robot Women and Games Console Controls at near reach).

Of course it may all just end up like the anime Chobits. That wouldn’t be so bad (:



  1. You know, it might be because I’m a die-hard romantic fellow, but I’d rather get rejected by a real woman than control a fake one.

    To make a geeky analogy, it’s like playing with God mode all the time. It might be fun for a while, but without any risk or challenge, you might as well not play at all.

  2. Hmm, I guess I agree, You wouldn’t really find the point in it all, you’ve made no real accomplishment(What am I talking about…) Or goal of it all. Of course I’d probably buy like, 25 of those, For all the Kanon/Clannad Chicks and so on(I Feel like a Pedophile ):)

    Besides, Birth Rates would go down and babies would be at an all time low, Old dirty men would abuse the idea and there will be some Righteous wanna-be that thinks he’s doing it for man kind when robits go insane and destroy the world(Futurama Analogy xD)

    I’d keep it for the Pure…”Fun” Like, Maid…*Drool*

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