Clannad: The Adventures of another Key Anime

January 3, 2008

Before I start this sort of rant I would like to say that I love Animes based on Key Games. I loved Air, Kanon and I am loving Clannad. Just I wanted to make a few observances on them all.

Is it me or are all the characters in these three Animes veru similar to each other? In Air we had Misuzu the mysterious girl with troubles, in Kanon it was Ayu and in Clannad it’s Nagisa. They all have funny things the say too. Misuzu was Gao, Ayu was Uguu and Nagisa has that thing about the dango song. You could swap all three of them around and not actually know there was a different character bar the fact they all look different. (though I reckon Nagisa could pass for Ayu really easily).

All three are based on many characters all with their own stories. A lot of them are very sad. Fuku-Chan is in a coma and wants everyone to go to her sisters Wedding, Makoto was a fox who came back to be with Yuichi becuase he cared for it when it was younger and in Air there was Misuzu and her mysterious illness and Yukito was a crow who she cared for. Actually I never got why Yukito was a crow. That always bugged me. He was meant to be from those two who were protecting Kanna all those years ago, so Misuzu was part of Kanna and like… he was the descendant of the other two.. but he was a crow… which I don’t get.

I love all three of these Animes but Clannad feels like its going to be predictable. I think I know what will happen, or I know vaguely what will happen you know. So it’s all annoying in a little way. It’s the same character personalities in different bodies in a different settings with similar stories is it not? So maybe I am hoping they will shake it up a bit and change things.

I have one thing to say for all these Animes though, they really draw you in. You start watching and get caught up in all the stories and want to know what happens to all the characters and keep watching. So hats off to them, they know how to draw the viewer in and keep them interested. Also they may all be similar but they are all touching stories that really get to your emotions! Air TV was the first Anime to ever make me cry! Yes that’s lame and I know it.


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