Another new Domino Member/Guide to signing up to NicoNico

January 25, 2008

Loha there everyone, I be called Sawluck and I come to you to show you all random amounts of… Well… Random. What you’ll mostly see from me is the crazy world of Touhou and its Fandom, the World of Doujinshi works and of course Gaming and all its fun.

But as a gift to all of you readers out there I’ve come with a guide, what guide is this? A guide on how to sign up to NicoNico. What is NicoNico? Its a Japanese video hosting site, which sees some completely crazy stuff from day-to-day, heck you might have seen NicoNico videos on Youtube. (If you see ニコニコ its from NicoNico) But what makes NicoNico so different? Well its comment system, as comments you post will fly across the video. Its a crazy system which can make the videos even more fun.

Now onto the guide, first of here Click here to get on the sign up page. Now once there you should see loads of Japanese text, luckily this is what my guide (made in Paint shop pro(crap)) is here for

Part One

Part Two

After these 2 are done, you’ll go onto the next page, so lookie here.

Part Three

Once all of that is done you should be able to sign in and get watching some videos. But make sure to remember these pointers:

– For about a month after signing in, you will have login times, I can’t remember when these are, but they are normally about 4-8pm London time.

– When looking up videos, its best to use Japanese text for when searching for them, as English ones may sometimes not come up with any results. (ローゼンメイデン for Rozen Maiden, ナルト for Naurto)

Still now that your done have a watch of this video here, a small taste of the of what NicoNico can offer: Suigintou-sama!

Thats me done for this blog and Cya next time!


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