January 28, 2008

Ok so we knew at some point some attention whore would come along and post some shit on YouTube saying ON NOEZ ANONYMOUS IMMA GET YOU and this dumbass is trying to do this. CHRIS CROCKER ANYONE?! Yes, this is the Anonymous version of him. Looking for fame in the cheapest of ways.

I love how he compare Anonymous to Nazis. THE INTERNET IS NOT SERIOUS BUSINESS. And why on Earth does he think people will listen to him? I mean if I wasn’t already agreeing with their cause and had no opinion I would actually back Anonymous MORE after seeing this pussy go on at me and telling me Anonymous are evil and are terrorists. Isn’t it funny how Americans love to label EVERYONE as terrorists? COME ON PEOPLE. THEY HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Running around saying I AM NOT SCARED and YOU ARE ALL TERRORISTS just makes people target you more. This is why I think this guy is an attention whore. Anyone who knows Anonymous knows the raids they conduct… EMOCHIN ANYONE?! and this guy knew what he was asking for. Most people will just laugh at him for bringing trouble upon himself.

And Anonymous’ response was:

Which of course is the usual thing

This all distracts from their issue of CO$. But Whatever. They are making a huge thing out of nothing. Why is everyone acting like Anonymous is some secret oragnization that noone can get into? This one kid made a film saying “I HAVE INFO ON ANONYMOUS. EBAUMS WORLD”. It’s funny coz I’m sure we’re all laughing everytime someone makes a post saying I know where anonymous hides out. Firstly because Anonymous are spread over quite a few places and secondly because IT’S NOT A BLOODY SECRET.

And lastly…




  1. Must…stop…Laughing!!! Ahh I think somebody has watched too much Fox :3

  2. I think I will stay away from the srs bus that it Anonymous and teh internets and other things and stick with the Yaoi kkthx

    It’s an unecessary and endless battle. Make doujinshi, not war people!

  3. Ha.
    What a silly, silly man.

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