Negima- one girl’s avid following

January 29, 2008

Negima is soon going to be my biggest manga series, as currently I am on book 16 and it is showing no sign of slowing down (bigger than Love Hina [14 volumes] and Fushigi Yugi [18]). I had to wait a very long time for this one. Pretty much since I bought volume 15 in NYC August last year. They are STILL on the Mahora Festival, a three day event that has spanned since volume 9 and is showing no sign of slowing down. This is almost Dragonball Z epic.

At this point in the series, our little Welsh wizard hero now has a vast arsenal of big breasted 15 year old girls at his disposal now in order to help him and such. Much respect to the kid- he’s 10 years old. And their sensei. It’s fun watching him kiss these girls in order to get them to help him. I just wish this festival wouldn’t end already. Nessie is becoming bored. She wants the new story arc already. *thumps keyboard in frustration* 

However, some mangas would quite clearly lose their audiences at this point. What makes Negima so endering is that it is done by the wonderul Ken Akamatsu, who also did Love Hina. His art is AMAZING and he does make lovely characters with impressive backstories. In fact, there are so many characters in Negima, that it would be very difficult NOT to have a favourite. And, even though you think the Mahorafest arc has gone on too long, you want to find out what happens at the end. It’s building up to being quite a dramatic fest of the blur of lines between good and evil and a whole bunch of cool spells.

I will ride this manga wave until the end!



  1. I started to watch the Anime of this but lost interest because my boyfriend at the time was SO OBSESSED with it and i really hated him…


  2. If anything, the anime is not as good as the manga. Both Mahou Negi Sensei or Negima!? (one was closer to the manga in sense of ecchi whereas the other was Akamatsu-sensei’s preferred series.

    You would probably like the manga if you disassociate it from your boyfriend…

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