It’s old news, but it is food for thought…

February 4, 2008

After my monumental (well, at least for me) achievement of completing Kingdom Hearts II in a week and a half, this thought happened to spring to mind- will there ever be a Kingdom Hearts anime?

 I have done my research and this rumour seems to have been going round for the last couple of years but if plans had gone though, wouldn’t now be the time for hints to be dropped?

It’s would obviously be a huge gamble, but why not? The news of the three new spin-off games have caused quite a stir in the gaming industry. The manga is highly popular (and may I add on a personal level, very funny. I purchased the COM manga for it’s unlike I’m going to get the game anytime soon, just to see what exactly happened in the story and it cracked me up) Plus, let’s not forget about merchandising! Surely an anime, or even a feature production would be the icing on the cake for Squenix!

Or maybe not. Perhaps the anime will die a horrible death. The Maple Story anime, based on one of the biggest MMORPGs out there didn’t really create much exitement, did it? I have a couple of friends who are pretty much playing that game every single day and they did not realise it had an anime until about a few weeks ago when I asked them had they been watching it.

I want to hear people’s opinions. Would it be a good move? Would you want to  see it happen? Or would it be a disaster? Share your thoughts!


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