U.N. Owen was… who?

February 5, 2008

This here my friends is a remix of the Touhou song called U.N. Owen was her? This one may be the best one ever made… I mean… Just listen to it!!! ITS PURE GOLD!!!

U.N. Owen was her? is the theme to Touhou 6’s extra stage boss, Flandre Scarlet. Flandre is a 495 year old loli vampire of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and is the younger sister to Remillia Scarlet. Mostly its easy to think of Flandre as a Yandere, as she is most of the time shown to be completely insane, heck she could make Nice Boat look like Nice floor… then again that is just some of the Doujinshi and fanart speaking there.

Fanart by Aozora-Market

Now why the name U.N. Owen was her? for the song? Well its a reference to Agatha Christie’s novel “And Then There Were None” and U.N. Owen was a character in that book that was never seen in person, but I’m guessing its some sort of scary person, like Flandre… Who knows, its just one damn good song.

Anyway here is the original version of the song (sorry for the cut off at the end)

And for poops and giggles here are so more crazy remixes of U.N. Owen was her?

Cool & Create (Doujinshi music group) have their fun:

Tami☆Flu Miko, featuring the Angry Germen kid:

And for those who can use NicoNico.



  1. I love your touhou posts 😀
    They make me squee!

  2. hi pinkdomino… Your site’s pretty cool… Well, pretty AND cool.

  3. In the last video, Marisa at the right in her “PROMOTIONS!” pose, lol

  4. I hate your touhou posts.
    They make me cringe.

  5. I love this song 😉 It made me read the whole Wikipedia page for ”And Then There Were None”… Since I also drew some fanart for it 🙂

  6. U.N. Owen is a classic, not just as a song, but as a character. In Then There Were None is the now classic story of a bunch of people who are invited to a castle and killed off one by one. U.N. Owen was the name of the person who invited them according to the letters they had received bringing them to the mansion. It is never revealed who UN Owen is in the book. It’s a neat little reference actually.

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