February 28, 2008

Fucking rise up, sons and daughters of the Internet.

Rise the fuck up and stay up. Let ’em know we’ll take the fight to them, and that we’ll help every single person that wants to leave the cult. We have lawyers and social workers and therapists in our ranks, and we can, and will, give aid to those who want out.

We are Anonymous. For the lulz, but moar than that now. For teh most epic win. Revoke Scientology’s tax-exempt status. Great Justice for Lisa McPherson.




  1. Hey~! This is a fantastic quote, can you tell me where you found it? I want to post it on my blog, but I need a source!

  2. I thought I put down where I got it from! I’ll put the link up (:

  3. Damn newfags.

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