Pink Domino.

Pink Domino! Random fandom!

Welcome to Pink Domino.
The Place for Random Fandom.
Born into a family of enthusiastic and intelligent individuals who have passion for their fandoms and felt like showing the rest of the world why. Anime, Manga, Gaming, TV, Geekery.. You name it and we have someone who loves it and wants to convince you to love it too. Not only do we deal with Fandoms though, we rant and rave too and discuss the important matters on everyones minds, like cake and religion! We’re like a lot things we do 😀

Bored of reading? Well we have an image gallery too that’s updated (almost) everyday so you can have some eye candy! we try and put up images you may not have seen or images that are just plain awesome. Be warned there will be lots of hot girls in there! If you want to see some images up there feel free to comment and let us know.

Any comments, suggestions or questions you don’t want to shove on a comment send to pinkxdomino@gmail.com and we’ll be sure to answer.

So please read our little Blog (: We’re a super bunch of people and we have a lot to say!
Enjoy your stay!


Miss MaryNeo  ChibiMonkeyGod

Nay-Chan NeoDrew ChibiMonkeyGod

Miss Abby Hokorii Josh Kari

Miss Abby, Hokorii, MetroJosh, KariChan


Nickertine, Gabe, Ben



  1. Hello Maid Maryam,

    I’ve looked over the website, love it, and it all works and displays perfectly fine on my machine, so I want in. I know it’s more geared toward the anime and gaming fandom, but I’m hoping you can make a space for a music junky like myself on your staff. I’ll provide an avatar shortly if I’m approved, and I promise I’ll try to post something entertaining at least twice a week.

    Yours truly, Anselm Gaunilo Charles John Thomas Hermes Rene Plato Emile Friedrich Immanuel Karl Marcus Hammerfest (but you may call me Jekyll, if you really need to :p)

  2. :O
    i feel like i found everyone ;-;(tears o joy)

    nice lookin site folks, dunno if this should be in about or whatever, but who cares.
    site = teh sweetness
    *huggles everyone*

  3. this site is amazing
    jeez i wish my family were more like this, instead they all is “normal” peoples
    ill stay with my anime and fandom thank you very much

  4. Nay-Chan

    Aug 15 2007 – Best Kept Secret – Anime Loving Geek Girls… You posted the picture of the Misa-Chan cosplay, and then you posted the pic with the girl on the motorcycle, the one with the umbrella and the one sitting behind the bike… I don’t know if I’m dumb or what, but I don’t know what that’s from!!! I want to know it! Please tell me it’s from an anime or manga that I can get into!!

    Keep up the good work, I LOVE this site! XD


  5. It’s from Girls Bravo (: Which is a wicked Anime, I suggest you check it out! It’s pretty old now though but I’m sure boxtorrents has it!

    Kipi does the Misa Chan Cosplay. She’s not up my street but you can find tons of pics of her anywhere. Just google her!

    Please keep reading! We’ve been a bit slow lately but we’re undergoing some changes.

  6. 🙂

  7. Nay-Chan (sounds like im calling out to my sister haha)
    Nice site you got here, truely fandom site of the internet, anime and all things of geekery.
    D: Send me your Ecchi folder ;D girls have really really good Ecchi folder hahaaa! tis true.
    Oh yea The Meme With the internet, That URL Made me LOL , IRL :D! Kudos to you!

  8. Kipi does the Misa Chan Cosplay. She’s not up my street but you can find tons of pics of her anywhere. Just google her!

    about that sorry for the double post but i have to say the detail is amazing, She had the hair ties correct, earring, Neck band Pendant with a picture, Leather wrist band, Bead band 2 skull rings, occult ring, wedding band and the corset styled shirt all correct to the dot.

    You know how cosplayers usually go with makeshift stuff but kipi used all the correct stuff that is 99% correct to the Charecter (well i have the wall scroll so i should know =\) Its amazing her detail, I am overjoyed that there is such profesionalism among fan cosplays. I mean Kipi > pro cosplay.

    Hmmm i recently found another cosplay group that did well too (camera skills are good)
    http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs19/f/2007/257/0/8/Katekyo_Hitman_Reborn__Omerta_by_behindinfinity.jpg one of there pix ❤

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