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May 27, 2008

I was at the MCM Expo this weekend and I have to say these two girls were the first two cosplayers I saw that weekend and I went “WOW” at. There were many more that I did that too over ther weekend but these girls did look amazing.

Well done!



May 26, 2008

Ok, so I’ve been getting a lot of stick for the Article I wrote a while back on how some people just shouldn’t cosplay. I stand by what I said, I still think if you are gonna Cosplay you should do something that suits you and not just do something easy for the sake of it. I also stand by the fact fat girls in Lycra is just wrong however you look at it. But I think I shall go into my points a bit more, because I do not hate fat people which is what some of you seem to think.

Since I wrote that post I have been to several Anime coventions and witnessed some AMAZING cosplays and some AWFUL Cosplays. I think that it’s just hit and miss with Cosplay. There is more to it than saying “Oh Man Rikku is so hot. I’ll be here and everyone will think I am hot”. I think a lot of Cosplayers are very unimaginative to be honest, it’s all Bleach/Naruto/FinalFantasy and it gets boring. I’m not saying these people don’t do a good job in their Cosplays, because they do, but I wish people took more risks. There was a group of people I know who were different Digimon at the MCM Expo this year, that was interesting and attention grabbing. One of my friends was Gloomy Bear and he looked amazing. I would actually like to see more Sailor Senshi aswell, but they are all outnumbered by people being Bleach Characters or Narutards. It makes me think Cosplaying to some people is about being recognised and seeing how many photographs will be taken of them. I mean a Bleach character is going to get more photos than a character from say Lovely Complex or Somedays Dreamers but it shouldn’t be down to how many photos you get it should be down to being a character you love no matter how well known it is.

This is an amazing Cosplay. It’s amazing how creative some people can be with such over-cosplayer Characters such as the ones in Death Note (: Now if only everyone could be this clever. Having said that if we didn’t have the world of lame Cosplayers we wouldn’t appreciate the amazing Cosplayers so much. I have discovered that Cosplaying is a crazy and weird world full of elitism and wonderfully creative people. It is also full of semi-naked obese women painted blue in thongs. Which terrifys me.

I have a lot of respect for people who Cosplay well (: I hope that next time I cosplay I’ll be awesome aswell!


Neo Anime

November 12, 2007

As the UK Anime community all know the London MCM Anime Expo recently just passed and once again I was at it Cosplaying and running around after all my friends. I did an unusual thing this time round though, I signed up for a subscription to Neo Anime. Neo Anime seems to be, from what I hear, the UK’s most popular Anime magazine. We all know how I feel about Anime Magazines. I think they are a bit of a waste of time and to be honest with you the guy at the Neo Anime stand was no help in telling me about why Neo Anime was great. He was really unfriendly, I mean I know I went up there and said “I’m not a big fanof Anime magazines, is Neo Anime any good?” But I was being friendly and engaging. I wanted him to convince me that Neo Anime was amazing and wouldn’t just tell me about Anime I had been watching for years of about BLOODY GUNDAM WING every single month but he was a complete and utter idiot. He had no desire to talk to any of us whatsoever and the people who convinced me to sign up were two of my friends that were with me at the time and suggested I may like Neo Anime more that Total Anime or any other magazine I’d come across.

So yeah, well done Neo Anime on being awful at selling your product! It was a great chance for you to engage and you failed so badly.

I got my Issue of Neo Anime in the post yesterday and had a bit of a look at it. They gave away a free Manga with it which I thought was quite cool except I have volume 2 of a Manga that I have never read, surely it would make more sense to give away volume one? But you know I will read it none the less and if I enjoy it I will buy Volume one. What amused me was I was assured it wouldn’t be full of Gundam but it was like the Gundam issue! *laughs* Trust me to sign up to a Magazine that was having a 30 years of Gundam Issue. I couldn’t hold that against them, because unlike Newtype who seem to thrive on Gundam stuff this is the only Issue of Neo Anime I have seen Gundam in. So we will wait till next month to judge them on that.

I would like to complain about Neo Anime but it’s not really that bad. I didn’t read much about the Animes it had in it because I have seen them all before but I liked the other things. I liked the article on Female Japanese Bands, and the cooking section and the Cosplay Section. I liked the article on the Japnaese Anime industry and think that the Magazine is much better than others because they write about Japanese Culture and Anime Culture a lot more than most others do. This makes the fact I have half a magzine of Gundam and articles and reviews on Animes I have already seen a lot easier to deal with. I laughed at the UK Anime Charts *smiles* I would rather see new seasons reviews rather than whats coming to the UK on DVD. Is there no way around this? I’m sure there is a way to review Anime coming out in Japan each season and to do features on them without saying GO AND DOWNLOAD THEM FROM ANIMESUKI.

I am an Anime Snob. What is it someone once said to be? I take nothing seriously but my Anime. Haha I know that that is not the case but I would love something I could read on the train that was up to date. Well done Neo Anime though. Your magazine is decent.


Welcome to the N.H.K

November 4, 2007

I realise someone may comment on this entry and say “OLD ANIME IS OLD” but I, like a lot of Anime fans, don’t actually watch every anime every season. I didn’t have internet for about 3 years so I am catching up on Anime from about 2003 to early 2007 whilst watching anything new that comes out. So don’t you OLD ANIME IS OLD me. There are plenty of Anime fans out there who need a recap on Older Animes aswell as having new ones bought to their attention.


I am in love with Welcome to the N.H.K.

I stumbled across it after finding some images on 4chan in/c/ of Misaki and thinking she looked interesting! I am glad I checked out the anime because it is weird and funny and I do think I love it. I always like watching Animes that take a look at the life of the Otaku, even if they do go a bit over the top sometimes with the personality traits of the Otaku. Yamazaki is the classic Stereotype Otaku. One with walls covered in posters of Moe girls, loads of dating sims and echhi images of his favourite characters, he gets angry and upset easily over things like how people see Otaku and the Gaming industry and it scares me to death that I actually know people like him. Not all Otaku may be at that extreme that Yamazaki is but we are all guilty of having our favourite characters and collecting images. That’s what all Anime fans do right? We get into a series, we develop favourite characters and then we collect all images of them we can find. Hence the success of Image board websites and stuff. It’s just scary that you look at Yamazaki and in some ways at Sato, the Hikikomori.

You look at Sato and you think who do I know who would rather sit around and watch Anime than go out and socialise? You realise that there are more and more people who do this. The internet is great and all but people can become dependent on their computers. I mean you can watch TV, watch Movies, download any sort of entertainment, play games and talk to people on your computer. So whilst people who do this are Hikikomori it’s probably not the same as it was say ten or twenty years ago. You can be isolated in your room but talk to loads of people via an instant messaging program. Not that that is healthy in any way but it’s plausible and people do it. Sato is someone everyone can relate too, and this is worrying. Especially when he has a breakdown and goes all Lolicon on us. Animes that hit home draw you in and make you want to watch them.

I’ve only got to Episode 5 of Welcome to the N.H.K but it’s had me hooked from the start. The fact that it’s at the moment focusing on Yamazaki and Sato’s attempt to create an H-Game and Satos fall into Lolicon Otakuism is something that is entertaining to watch. If, like me, you have not watched this Anime yet I seriously reccomend that you do. It’s a good Anime. Besides it has the most kick ass opening and ending themes ever (:


Anime In My Real Life: Food In Anime a Taste Adventure!

September 20, 2007

So I was having a conversation with one of my friends today and we have always had this idea to go to China Town and buy all the random looking Chinese/Japanese Food and eat it all. He is not familiar with Anime so a lot of it has no meaning to him other than “random new food to try” but to me a lot of the products relate back to Anime I have watched. I have watched characters eat certain foods over and over again and now my mission is to try these foods and see what they are like. Crazy? Yes. But this is what will happen when Anime invades my real life. So I am going to make a list of the stuff I want to try and why I want to try it. If you have any more ideas of things I need to eat then let me know in a comment and I will try and find them next weekend.


Yes yes yes I know, I am essentially an Anime fan and I have had Pocky many many times before so the idea of eating Pocky is nothing new to me. The thing is though Pocky has SO MANY FLAVOURS! that I need to eat more kinds. I have only ever had plain, mousse chocolate, mens chocolate, almond, strawberry, deluxe strawberry and Milk Pocky and I want to expand my Pocky world. I want to have Marble Royal Milk Tea Pocky, Cinnamon Apple Pocky, Peach & Strawberry Chocolate Pocky, Giant Cider Pocky and Mango Pocky. Pocky seems to have as many Flavours as Fanta does in Japan. Seriously Fanta comes in so many flavours I don’t think I’ll ever be able to taste them all. Pocky can be found in so many Animes but the ones I associate it with are Onegai Teacher, because she is OBSESSED with eating Pocky and Lucky Star because they are always eating Pocky. I think Konata tries to get Kagami to buy a huge box of it in one Episode!

2. Meat Buns/Nikuman

I am a Kanon enthusiast and in Kanon they are always eating Meat Buns. Yuichi is seen eating them and Motoko catches him and then they both are constantly eating them till that episode where Motoko goes back to where she came from. Ever since the first time I saw Yuichi attacking those Meat Buns I have wanted to try a Meat Bun. So I did some research into them to see if they are actually just Buns full of Meat and discovered all about them. They are essentially steamed buns filled with Meat and are sold as street food during the Winter. Meat Buns are also different depending on which region you are in and they have all types of fillings! You can get Pizza ones or Curry ones or Seafood ones. I think however I will stick to the regular Meat Kind when I go on my discovery next week. I’m sure I saw them in China Town.

3. TaiYaki

Another food from Kanon. Ayu-Chan was seen running away with Taiyaki she’d stolen from the stand in her first scene in the Anime. She runs off with Yuichi. Taiyaki from what I understand is a bread shaped in the form of a fish with Red Bean paste inside. I must be spelling it wrong because I can’t find any information on it via Google except one kid who bought some and found out it didn’t look anything like Ayu’s. So I am prepared for the fact that if I find Taiyaki next Saturday it may not look as good and as tasty as Ayu’s does in Kanon but it will sure as hell TASTE as good as hers looks.

4.Curry Pan

Curry Pan is like everywhere in Anime. I’m sure they eat it in every school cafeteria but the one Anime that springs to mind when I think of Curry pan is Girls Bravo. Miharu-Chan is getting used to the different food on Earth (ie she’s eating everything up) and is promised some of the schools famous Curry Pan. Unable to wait for it she goes in search of the school so she can get some herself. I’ve always been interested in Bread in Japan because it seems to be full of really yummy stuff and Curry Pan just sounds really good. Curry Pan is essentially a bun made of slightly sweet dough, filled with a spoonful of curry, breaded and deep fried. So kind of like the Meat Bun I guess. Though I would try all kinds of Pan, apparently filled Breads are Japanese speciality!

5.Japanese Curry

In FLCL Haruko serves up seriously spicy Curry to Naota, which he despises. In Lucky Star when the girls get lunch in the Cafeteria for the first time Konata gets the Curry and in Kanon when Shiori eats lunch with Yuichi in the schools cafeteria he gets her Curry and she thinks it’s too spicy. I always thought it was just like Indian Curry (being Indian myself I know a lot about curry) but from what I hear it’s thicker, sweeter and milder than Indian Curry and sounds like it would be good to eat! One of my friend raves about Chicken katsu Curry which she had once and I have always longed to try it. I think I will look for a pack of instant curry and add to that myself at home rather than eat it next week. I think I may be a bit full to eat Curry aswell as all the other stuff! Though I may stay away from the Spicy Curry, like Naota in FLCL I don’t like Spicy foods.


There is something about Instant Noodles that come from Japan or China that is more exciting than Pot noodles or Super Noodles that you get here. It may be the fact they have more things in them with the noodles and the sauces taste better and they are much cheaper than the Western equivelents. The Japan Center claims “he Japanese have come up with pots that will put those you can find in your local supermarket to shame! There are a whole host of soup flavours, noodle types, chilli strengths and toppings to choose from. From now on you will never look back! “. I have to agree. But no matter what I am going to buy a big bunch of Instant Noodles next weekend. In Air TV Yukito is dying for a Ramen Set to eat. I have never had Ramen, I must be the shame of the Anime Fan community but I just have never seen Ramen noodles to buy in the UK in Supermarkets. I don’t know why exactly. So I am going to hunt me down some instant noodles Japanese style and never look back! I am actually going to stock up on them so I have things to eat when I’m hungry and in need of a quick dinner.


In Aishiteruze Baby Yuzuyu-Chans fav food is Onigiri. I haven’t had Onigiri in years. I used to get some from the Sushi store in the Oriental City Shopping Center in London but recently I’ve had an addiction for the Satay Chicken Sticks and Rice from Yummy Yummy Thai. I like the Onigiri with fish in @.@ Mainly because I love seafood. But I would like to try the other kinds of Onigiri like ones with Pickles. I love Japanese Pickles, they are so good. Yuzuyu Chan is sure on to something with her obsession for Onigiri. And of course when I eat my Onigiri I will have to sing her Onigiri song! Oni Oni Oni Giri Giri Giri! Onigiri!

I am so hungry now.

Damn yummy Japanese food xD


I’m an Ex-Girlfriend. Get Me Out Of Here.

September 4, 2007

The Trials of Being an Ex-Girlfriend/Best Female Friend

I’m a girl, a sociable girl. Or should that be woman? I’m getting on in years now so maybe I should say I am a sociable woman *laughs* Either way I have a lot of male friends and at least one ex-boyfriend who I am very very good friends with therefore I have always had issues with jealous Girlfriends trying to exclude me from their boyfriends lives. You would think, due to the amount of girls who have tried to do this to me, that I was the very worst of whores who loves to steal peoples boyfriends away. I am not. Seriously, I am the nicest person and would never dream of stealing away people who are already in love. That’s just downright bad. So why do I pose such a threat to these girls? I mean am I crazy to think that if you are dating someone that you should trust them and therefore shouldn’t really be worried that they will go off with their ex-girlfriends or their close female friends. If someone loves you then they only want you and you should trust and respect them instead of causing Drama. Let’s look at the facts here about why this happens and why it’s stupid that it does.

I used to have a best friend who we refer to as Boy. Boy and I were like brother and sister, that’s literally how close we were. For a good year or so you could hardly separate us, we’d go out together and get into the most stupid situations and have a great time. Boy was dating this girl who I was also friends with, Girl and me had been friends for a while having met through one of her housemates. When her and Boy got together I was genuinely happy for them. I thought it was great! It was just after a while Girl used to confide all her worries and complaints about Boy in me. She used to say things to me that seriously scared me for Boy’s sake. She was obsessed with getting married, she was obsessed with having complete control over Boy and running his life and she was just a bit scary. The things she said to me made me seriously think Boy should not be dating her. After talking to some of my friends and asking for their advice I decided that I had to tell Boy all that was going on. I mean he was like my brother and I didn’t want him to make the biggest mistake of his life. Essentially it was up to him if he wanted to be with Girl and if he did after all the things I had to tell him I wasn’t going to be angry at him, I would have respected his decision. So I tell Boy everything I know, I tell him that I wouldn’t tell him unless I thought it was bad if he didn’t know and I really did think he deserved to know what his Girlfriend was actually like! A few months after I tell him me and him are still very good friends and so I think nothing of it. Life goes on but I don’t hear from the Girlfriend at all anymore, but by then she lived pretty far away and I just put it down to her being busy. I wasn’t too bothered. One day me, Boy and our friends go out for the day, I was meeting someone who I was crazy in love with a bit later and I needed a bit of a confidence boost. For some reason I txt Boys Girlfriend and she txts me back saying to me that I’m a liar and bitch and how dare I even contemplate texting her. She goes on to say I’m a whore and steal everyone’s boyfriends and am obviously in love with hers which is why I am trying to break them up. She says I live my life with my knickers round my ankles and the only way I can get boys is by stealing them from other girls. I am gobsmacked to say the least. I can’t believe she thinks I love Boy. That’s insane! As I said before he is like my brother. I txt her back to say so but she doesn’t listen. It’s fair to say that Boy and me don’t talk so much anymore, not that I don’t want to talk to him it’s just he now thinks I’m a liar and am in love with him because that is what she told him. At least I assume he does, we never got a chance to talk about it and now I doubt we ever will.

This is what I don’t understand. Why would that Girl think I love Boy? It’s a well known fact amongst my friends that at the time I was crazy for someone and there was one person I was interested in and Boy knew this. He had listened to me talk about the guy I was after for ages and ages and seen me try and figure it all out in my head. His Girlfriend had also heard the stories about the boy I liked and therefore KNEW I was not interested in her Boyfriend but this seemed like a good point to get me out of his life. Was I that much of a threat? I used to go out with her Boyfriend and have fun and he enjoyed being around me and my friends. We didn’t really ever invite her because she was a right mood killer but she should have trusted him to not pull any of us. Which he would never have done. Whenever I date someone I know that I have to trust them. If I don’t there isn’t much point in us dating. I can’t be all stressed because he has friends that are girls or because he has friends that he has dated because to be fair so do I! How hypocritical would it be of me to demand him to not talk to his female friends when I am still talking to my male ones? Would I want to make him feel like he has to not talkto any girls or I will punish him? I would never dream of it. I think girls that do this are setting a really bad name up for Women across the world.

I see these situations time and time again though, Girlfriends being paranoid of ex-girlfriends and close female friends of their boyfriends because they feel them a threat. They are obviously close to the boyfriends in a way these Girlfriends may never get to and they feel jealous that these girls may know things that they may never find out. Being a Girlfriend and being a Friend are two different things. If your relationship really is perfect you will probably have the best of both worlds, you will be his girlfriend but he will confide in you like he would a close friend. But for a lot of relationships I see and hear about and advise on this type of relationship hasn’t been achieved yet. It takes work you know. Being jealous of your Boyfriends close female friends just makes you look petty and clingy in his friends eyes and to be fair I think you need to make a good impression on your Boyfriends friends. If they like you then things tend to be easier! Don’t see them as a threat, try and make friends with them back! Surely if you are on good terms with them you will feel more comfortable about his having close female friends because you will know exactly what kind of girls they are and will be able to relax more when he goes out with them. That is if you HAVE to be jealous of them it is better to be jealous and try and get on with them, in an ideal world you wouldn’t be jealous at all. This brings me along to the next type of girl who gets the Girlfriends wrath, The Ex-Girlfriend.

Being an Ex-Girlfriend who is still really good friends with her Ex-Boyfriend is a rare thing in the world it would seem from what I have seen. To be able to put your past aside and to get on with things and recognise that you both actually do get along really well, love hanging out with each other and that it really would be a shame if you weren’t in each others lives after you’ve had a pretty serious relationship with someone is something that isn’t seen very often. Out of everyone I’ve date I am only really good friends and on speaking terms with one of my Ex-Boyfriends. That’s pretty pathetic right? *laughs* But from what I see having one still around is an achievement! But it’s hard work to keep him as a friend. You are forever branded “THE EX GIRLFRIEND” to anyone he gets around to dating after you, which means they instantly hate you. No matter how much you explain to your other half that the relationship you hold with your Ex is in the past and now you’re just friends they will never ever actually believe you enough to be ok with you seeing your Ex. Mine have all despised my Ex-Boyfriend who I am good friends. They have always been jealous of him and you could see it when me and him would meet up that whoever I was dating at the time would suddenly get very possessive over me and suddenly become very affectionate when my Ex was looking. I assume it was mainly because me and my Ex get along so well it makes most boys I date feel like I don’t like them as much as I like him, which really isn’t the case at all! You have to accept, especially when you date people as you get older, that they will have histories and pasts and that you have not been their only love. You have to accept that just because you don’t have any contact with your Ex’s that your new partner may really have got along with his and that you need to try and be as accepting as that as you can. Fighting over an Ex is pointless and needless drama at the end of the day. Usually what they have is in the past and as I said before, if he loves you then he won’t be looking at her and thinking about recapturing the old days. Just chill out!

My advice to anyone stressing about anything I’ve said in my post is CHILL OUT. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CHILL THE HELL OUT. Relationships are not easy, I have said that before and I shall say it again but you make them harder on yourself by causing so much drama that isn’t needed. Don’t be clingy, don’t be possessive and ACCEPT that your girlfriend or Boyfriend will have friends of the opposite sex that are really close to them and they will have Ex’s that are good friends too. You have to deal with this in a mature manner and not throw a fit about it! Listen to Nayuki, she knows the score!


Nay-Chan: The World and Internets Next Overlord

August 22, 2007

I woke up this morning and I thought “You know what? I’m going to take over the Internets and then the World. I’d make a good “Overlord of Earth” So that is what I plan to do. I think the world needs a liberal person with a good sense of humor running it that is fair and kind and just to all, unless you are Emo Scum in which case she will send Gabriel to kick sense into you. The world needs a liberal ruler because well you have to tolerate all cultures and such, that doesn’t mean I always have to be Liberal and tolerate everyone, but it helps. Also you need someone who can laugh at things, there would be so much less war and violence and hate if we all took life a bit less seriously and had more fun. Laugh at each other, in a good way, and take life as it comes. If you stress about money and power and are greedy and horrible then you will always end up hurting everyone.

My Reign of Greatness shall also include the following people.








So what goo would I do the world? Well I would for one thing get all those stupidly rich people that did nothing for their money (HELLO PARIS HILTON) and make it so they have to actually work for their money. I hate stupid, Hollywood, Party scene girls, I’d make them all work in McDonalds and stuff xD I think it would do them all good to see life is hard because they have no idea. I would spread the wealth a bit too so that everyone had enough to live on. I know thats a pretty idealistic thing to say but it would be good if it worked. Fox News would be banned from broadcasting because it’s utter rubbish xD I’d put someone neutral in charge of Israel too. Because it’s a holy land for Muslims, Jews and Christians so it should be run by someone of neither religion who is imapartial and won’t give favor to one and not the other. Then everyone could live there in Harmony, the Palestinians could come home and people could go about their holy pilgramiges in Peace rather than fighting all the way.

When they dub over Anime they won’t be allowed to change it, and the dubbings will have to pass a test and if they don’t live up to the standards they will be rejected. There will be a channel showing Subbed Anime all day though. Because Anime makes people into better people xD It’s true. James will control what music people in the Southern Hemesphere will listen too, so be warned you will all be forced to listen to Belle and Sebastian >.< I will control what the North listens to so be warned there will be lots of Fall Out Boy xD Gabriel will beat up the awful Emo Kids like EmoChin and those Scene Kids that think they are better than everyone else because they can’t see through their side parting. He will beat them with bats full of rusty nails. It will save on them all cutting themselves you see, its better for everyone this way. This also goes for bloodd “rude boys and girls” in East London who think being Asian means you have to copy Black Ghetto Culture. MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN CULTURE AND DON’T CALL ME A BLOODY COCONUT BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO BE LIKE YOU xD Gabriel will unleash his wrath.

I would mostly preach Peace and Love though. I am not a hippy but I think if we all learned to tolerate each other’s faith and cultures that we would all get along so much better. So I will not enforce culture onto the different parts of the world and make them all one big mix of culture I will let them do what they like. Eastern and Western Culture do differ and we should accept that they do instead of forcing Western Practices on the East. Let them do what they like. As long as it’s not hurting anyone it’s fine. Same goes for religion, my rule will be it’s fine and you can practice whatever religion you want but for gods sake don’t start fighting with each other. Accept you have differences and live in peace. I would make the media less bias and make sure it only reported the Truth to the people and also make gaining an education and access to a Health Service Free wherever you are in the world. Thus making people smarter and healthier. Yes it will cost a lot of money but I’m sure the 10 richest people the world do not NEED billions of dollars.

I think I would make a good Overlord of Earth and the Internet. VOTE FOR NAY!