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June 2, 2008

Now come on… do you really wanna end up like this?

IN OTHER NEWS MCR FANS PROTESTED IN LONDON. AND LONDON LOL’D AT THE LAMENESS OF MCR FANS. You know if you kill yourself your funeral will not be the Helena video, you will not come alive and be a beautiful girl dancing in a tutu and Gerard Way will not be there to sing to you.



A Thought on Obsessing over Songs

March 28, 2008

My friend is always making fun of me because I have a habit of totally freaking out over songs I love. He always says I’m “Emoing” out over them. I think it happened recently with an Idlewild track I hadn’t heard in a while. I heard it and then freaked out and was singing it with actual feeling. *laughs* Now I think this is a pretty natural thing. I mean I do it quite a lot without realising. I can’t go anywhere without my MP3 player because when I am walking around/taking the train/riding a bus/working or doing anything alone I need to have music playing. I’m not sure why but it makes me feel safer to have some music playing. So recently I have been doing this “emoing out” over In Defense of the Genre by Say Anything. I don’t just mean the song off the album called that, I mean the whole damn album. I have decided to analyse why I do it.

There is something about Max Bemis’ voice that makes me melt. I hate saying that beacuse I sound like some sort of Scenester Fangirl (gahnothing can be futhur from the truth believe me!) but there is something in that raspy American accent that makes me just want to jump him. I think he is the reason I have that weird thing for American guys. Anyway hearing his voice when he sings lines like “My wish is when I touch myself I am conjuring you” or “I can’t explain how I feel all i know is that this is real” makes me litterlly twinge inside. YES YES I AM LAME BUT I LOVE IT SO I CAN’T HELP IT. Maybe this is why I am always smiling to myself on the trains in the morning. Max is making me happy.

Secondly I like Say Anything lyrics. I think they are quite clever. So I always like to sing them and to sing along with Max. He always sings with passion and so it always eggs me on to sing just as loud and stuff. The thing about the album is it grew on me. I loved the first album instantly….. but like this album had to grow on me. I loved some tracks after the first hearing but the ones I love now are the ones I heard a few times and then realised how amazing they were. It is an album I always want to listen to when I am on my way to work and hasn’t actually grown old yet. Yes ok so I Emo out over it but is it really that bad to relate/love the music I listen to so much? I don’t think it is.

It’s not just when I’m alone I Emo out to things, I know when we go out and something comes on that we love we all go mental. We didn’t even like My Chemical Romance but when they used to play I’m not A Gay OK (I promise) you’d see all of us jumping around and dancing like we meant every word (I realise that makes very little sense). I think it was just the fun of it. Everyone is always so stuck about music, especially the kind of music I like. You have to like things that are underground and as soon as a band goes Mainstream they become “lame”. But I don’t awnt to only like bands who are barely signed to a label, I want to like stupid bands and stupid songs because they are FUN. When did music become so serious? When did it become such a damn fashion trend?…. *thinks* … Well I guess it’s always been such a damn fashion trend! But you know, my music is MY music so if I want to freak out over Say Anything and then freak out over something by Radiohead or the Beatles then I bloody well will!

So readers, what about you? How do you feel on the whole Emoing out over songs thing? Let’s hear your views!

Here have some Say Anything. 😉

“A Walk Through Hell”

And if I could swim
I’d swim out to you in the ocean,
Swim out to where you were floating
in the dark.
And if was blessed
I walk on the water you’re breathing,
To lend you some air for that heaving
Sunken chest.
‘Cause they chose you
As the model
For their empty little dreams.
With your new head
And your legs spread
Like a filthy magazine.
And they hunt you
And they gut you
And you give in.

And if I was brave
I’d climb up to you on the mountain.
They led you to drink from their fountain
Spouting lies.
And I’d slay
The horrible beast they commissioned
To steer me away from my mission
To your eyes,
And I’d stand there
Like a soldier
With my foot upon his chest.
With my grin spread
And my arms out
In my bloodstained Sunday’s best,
And you’d hold me
I’d remind you
Who you are…
Under their shell..

I’d walk through hell for you.
Let it burn right through my shoes.
These soles are useless without you.
Through hell for you
Let the torturing ensue.
My soul is useless without you

And if they sent a whirlwind,
I’d hug it like a harmless little tree.
Or an earthquake,
I’d calm it,
And I’d bring you back to me,
And I’d hold you
In my weak arms like a first born.

I’d walk through hell for you.
Let it burn right through my shoes.
These soles are useless without you.
Through hell for you
Let the torturing ensue.
My soul is useless without you (through hell for you)

(through hell for you) without you
Without you (through hell for you)
Without you (through hell for you)

Now, I’ve walked through hell for you,
What’s an adventurer to do
But rest these feet at home with you


Because I seem to be Obsessed with Anonymous

February 2, 2008

It is no secret that I have an intrest in this Anonymous Situation that’s going on at the moment. It’s taken over my You Tube time and has taken my attention away from Britney Spears being commited. It might just be me but the Anonymous videos on YouTube from some of the “members” can actually be very entertaining. Though the most entertaining ones are usually when the member isn’t actually in the video (therefore not breaking the rules on Anonymous). So I decided to make a bit of a compilation of all my favs. Paul Fetch may think everyone will HATE ME FOR SUPPORTING ANONYMOUS but I know better than he does 😉








Maybe some more.. once I have watched some more.


Anime Goes Emo. Oh Lord.

January 21, 2008



So, I’ve just finished watching Myself, Yourself which I’m sure AnimeSuki described as a coming of age/romance/high school anime. There seems to be a trend at the minute for animes to start off as very innocent high school Romance Genres and end up as something entirely twisted and crazy. I mean come on, there is catching the viewer off guard and then there is just plain silly. I think Anime Producers have started to lean towards the just plain silly to keep people watching.

Where does the blame for this trend lie? Well I’d say School Days *laughs* School Days started off quite innocent. A inexperienced high school boy, who was quite shy fancied this girl on his train who was in another class at school and gets his friend to help. Three or four episodes later we see the story change to him shagging everyone but that girl he liked at the start coz he’s bored of her and this all ends up with him and the girl who started off as his friend helping him dead and the girl going on a boat with his decapitated head.


This is the thing. I think it spices up a pretty bog standard romance Anime and that was probably what Myself Yourself would have ended up as had it not have gone mental towards the end. It is essentially about a boy called Sana who leaves his friends when he is very young to live elsewhere in Japan. He then goes back there in High School to see them all again. We think the Anime will be about him and his love for Nanaka and her love for him but it is full of so many twists and turns that although it is essentially about that we forget it. I mean this Anime may not have people cutting open wombs to check for babies like School Days but it has it’s fair share of maddness.

Let’s start with the Lesbian girl trying to destroy Shuuri and Shuu’s lives. The Lesbian girl (who’s name I have forgotten) is in love with Shuuri. When she confessed to Shuuri she got turned down and Shuuri pretended like nothing had happened and continued to be friends with the girl. She ends up hating Shuuri for it. One day she sees Shuuri crying to Shuu on the Ferris Wheel and thinks “Shuuri will never show me that face!” So what does she do in her jealous rage? Starts a rumour that the twins are shagging each other and were saw at Love Hotel and sends a letter to the school. All this leads to the Twins running away.

This girl never gets her comeuppance. At the end Aoi is still hugging her like she hadn’t ruined the twins lives. I hated that, they should have kicked her ass. She should have been the one to suffer for lying and being a jealous bitch. But no. That would never do.

The drama continues with Nanaka finding out she was a child of another man and her father killed her mother also in a jealous rage and that’s why her house was burned down with them in it. She tried to slit her wrists but luckily Sana saves her and tells her he also tried to die when he was away. OH DON’T THEY ALL JUST LEAD SUCH HAPPY LIVES! Seriously, does every character in every anime need to have some sort of Emo disorder that makes them want to die or almost die.

I look forward to next seasons headfuck Anime. With crazy old women killing cats to off to Sakura Trees!


Nay-Chan: The World and Internets Next Overlord

August 22, 2007

I woke up this morning and I thought “You know what? I’m going to take over the Internets and then the World. I’d make a good “Overlord of Earth” So that is what I plan to do. I think the world needs a liberal person with a good sense of humor running it that is fair and kind and just to all, unless you are Emo Scum in which case she will send Gabriel to kick sense into you. The world needs a liberal ruler because well you have to tolerate all cultures and such, that doesn’t mean I always have to be Liberal and tolerate everyone, but it helps. Also you need someone who can laugh at things, there would be so much less war and violence and hate if we all took life a bit less seriously and had more fun. Laugh at each other, in a good way, and take life as it comes. If you stress about money and power and are greedy and horrible then you will always end up hurting everyone.

My Reign of Greatness shall also include the following people.








So what goo would I do the world? Well I would for one thing get all those stupidly rich people that did nothing for their money (HELLO PARIS HILTON) and make it so they have to actually work for their money. I hate stupid, Hollywood, Party scene girls, I’d make them all work in McDonalds and stuff xD I think it would do them all good to see life is hard because they have no idea. I would spread the wealth a bit too so that everyone had enough to live on. I know thats a pretty idealistic thing to say but it would be good if it worked. Fox News would be banned from broadcasting because it’s utter rubbish xD I’d put someone neutral in charge of Israel too. Because it’s a holy land for Muslims, Jews and Christians so it should be run by someone of neither religion who is imapartial and won’t give favor to one and not the other. Then everyone could live there in Harmony, the Palestinians could come home and people could go about their holy pilgramiges in Peace rather than fighting all the way.

When they dub over Anime they won’t be allowed to change it, and the dubbings will have to pass a test and if they don’t live up to the standards they will be rejected. There will be a channel showing Subbed Anime all day though. Because Anime makes people into better people xD It’s true. James will control what music people in the Southern Hemesphere will listen too, so be warned you will all be forced to listen to Belle and Sebastian >.< I will control what the North listens to so be warned there will be lots of Fall Out Boy xD Gabriel will beat up the awful Emo Kids like EmoChin and those Scene Kids that think they are better than everyone else because they can’t see through their side parting. He will beat them with bats full of rusty nails. It will save on them all cutting themselves you see, its better for everyone this way. This also goes for bloodd “rude boys and girls” in East London who think being Asian means you have to copy Black Ghetto Culture. MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN CULTURE AND DON’T CALL ME A BLOODY COCONUT BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO BE LIKE YOU xD Gabriel will unleash his wrath.

I would mostly preach Peace and Love though. I am not a hippy but I think if we all learned to tolerate each other’s faith and cultures that we would all get along so much better. So I will not enforce culture onto the different parts of the world and make them all one big mix of culture I will let them do what they like. Eastern and Western Culture do differ and we should accept that they do instead of forcing Western Practices on the East. Let them do what they like. As long as it’s not hurting anyone it’s fine. Same goes for religion, my rule will be it’s fine and you can practice whatever religion you want but for gods sake don’t start fighting with each other. Accept you have differences and live in peace. I would make the media less bias and make sure it only reported the Truth to the people and also make gaining an education and access to a Health Service Free wherever you are in the world. Thus making people smarter and healthier. Yes it will cost a lot of money but I’m sure the 10 richest people the world do not NEED billions of dollars.

I think I would make a good Overlord of Earth and the Internet. VOTE FOR NAY!



July 29, 2007

I bring your attention to the following report that was on FoxNews about 4chan:

This is why you should not watch news stations like Fox who think THE INTERNET IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. I mean look at this thing they claim 4chan users are HACKERS ON STEROIDS, DOMESTIC TERRORISTS and how 4chan is THE INTERNET HATE MACHINE. I mean come on, who is retarded enough to believe this rubbish?

Here are the facts people, 4chan is firstly NOT A SECRET WEBSITE ITS NOT! You can go to 4chan easily enough xD Its got cult status. If you ask most people where 4chan is they will tell you exactly where to go. People know 4chan, its infamous! Secondly THE INTERNET IS NOT SERIOUS BUSINESS. OH COME ON! I think I have said this a million times before but YOU CANT GET HURT ON THE INTERNET. All you have to do is ignore what is going on. OH NOEZ MY MYSPACE PAGE HAS BEEN HACKED OH NOEZ OH NOEZ I AM GOING TO DIE. Stop being so goddamn over dramatic! So they posted some Gay stuff on your MySpace, make a new one. Its not the end of the world. Why doyou have a MySpace anyway? My Space is gay in iteself.

So they say they are going to rape you, kill you and send death threats. The fact is they do not know where you live and unless you are stupid enough to post your address or phone numbers on your My Space accounts or anywhere else online they will NEVER be able to find you. For gods sake. To the mother who says her family were attacked by Anonymous so she bought a Dog, HOW THE HELL IS A DOG GOING TO DO ANYTHING? That’s just idiocy. The fact is you can choose to go on 4chan and you can choose not to go on 4chan. You can choose to ignore if /b/ comes after you or you can shout, argue and spam back. They can’t really hurt you at all via the internet.

The people at /b/ don’t take anything they say seriously, it is all for the lulz. The report says in shocking tones that they use anti-semetic and racist remarks. To be honest with you I’m sure most of us make racist jokes every now and then, we don’t mean them. My friends call me the Tinted one and Brown Town all the time, but because we know its not serious none of us care. I don’t think anyone on /b/ takes anything said there seriously and therefore don’t take offence. If you do take offence noone is telling you to go there and read whats going on. Why create hysteria about something that is really not doing anything to cause alarm about?

There is news out there that goes unreported. Injustice, death and atrocities that never get the airtime that they should. I am not surprised at FoxNews for doing this I just feel sorry for people who actually believe 4chan is something to worry about when there are so much more important things in the world. I feel sorry for those who think the internet is serious business.







July 23, 2007

Having got my way through Air TV and Kanon I thought it was time I tried my hand at watching Shuffle (god bless you TVlinks). I think I am developing a thing for animes that start life as Hentai games. This post that is about to be written is FULL of spoilers so if you are planning to watch Shuffle and don’t want it spoiled I suggest you DO NOT READ ANYTHING PAST THIS PARAGRAPH. Seriously.

I liked Shuffle but that is mainly because it didn’t turn out at all how I had expected it too. It revolves around a boy (Rin) who lives with his child hood friend (Kaede) after his parents and her mother are killed in a car crash when the two of them were both 8. Rin is meant to be the ideal man, well you assume he is because every girl in this series wants to get in his pants. Not only is Kaede in love with him but so is Sia (the daughter of the Lord of the Gods), Nerine (The daughter of the Lord of the Demons), Asa (an uppclassman) and Primula (A loli girl). Kaede however is the only one who has devoted her life to serving him out of Love and does everything for him. You assume this anime will end with him falling for her, the girl who loves him so dearly. Hell no.

Shuffle starts off innocent enough, to be honest it’s your typical high school romance comedy to begin with. Its only until you get really into the series things start to take a twist. I’m not sure all the girls after Rin needed to have some strange and slightly dark back story (Nerine was almost dying when she was a child and her clone called Licorice used her life to save Nerine and therefore lived in her spirit, Sia has her dead twin as her alter ego, Rin is a genetically formed human with super duper magic and Asa is part human part demon and will die if she doesnt use her magic) but it cut through the cuteness and the innocence nicely when you found each one out. But those girls are not the ones you are so shocked about when hearing of their dark backgrounds. It’s Kaedes past that really gets you.

You assume Rin will end up with Kaede because of her devotion and obvious love of him even when all her rivals start to appear you still back her because she is the one who seems purest. The rest are all a bit silly and grabby. So when you watch her meltdown as Rin goes off with Asa you can’t help but feel for this poor girl. She seriously loses it. From the start of the anime you would never picture Kaede with having this violent temper. During her meltdown we are taken to a flashback of when her mum and Rins parents died. She is in hospital and has lost the will to live and Rin tells her while she is lying in a sort of waking coma that he is the reason her mum died. He says he wrote to her mum and told her to come early and that’s why she died. He thinks telling her this will give Kaede a reason to live and that it does, she comes out of her coma and straight away tries to strangle Rin. We then see Rin move in with Kaede and her dad and Kaede making Rin’s life hell. She at one point drops a knife on his head that cuts the entire side of his face. The whole thing climaxs in her shouting at Rin in the rain that people like him should be dead.

Of course she finds a postcard from her mother in Rins room saying she will be coming home, but Rin wasn’t the one asking her home, she was coming home early because Kaede was getting ill and her dad asked her back. Kaede blames herself for her mothers death and now has the guilt of her horrific treatment of Rin on her mind too. So she convinces herself that her devotion to Rin now is to pay him back for the horrible things she has afflicted upon him and not because she loves him and wants him near her. When Asa is bought back to the house Kaede finally loses it and pushes Asa against the door causing her to have a heart failure (she is sick btw) and sends her to hospital to what seems like her death. The thing is you feel for Kaede because if Rin didn’t notice how much Kaede loved him Asa did. Asa knew that Kaede loved Rin more than anything in the world and yet she STOLE Rin from Kaede.

This anime struck a chord with me, I know it sounds a bit Emo but it did. I felt for Kaede, even though she had done terrible things I felt for the pain she was feeling when she saw Asa and Rin together and knew he wasn’t hers anymore. I think Primula was the only one who saw her pain, noone else knew it existed or that she existed for that matter of fact. She was treated like a doormat when she deserved Rin over them all. I did have one of those Emo Girl moments thinking if Rin is meant tobe like such a great guy why is he such a retard when realising he is hurting Kaede by staying in her house all that time and taking advantage of her devotion to him. It was like he took no notice of her and that pissed me off.

I reccommend Shuffle even though I’ve ruined it now for you because it really is a good watch. That and well if you don’t like the emo storyline there is enough bare breast and naked action to keep you interested. At least two good boob shots per episode xD That and all the girls in it are such hotties!