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May 27, 2008

I was at the MCM Expo this weekend and I have to say these two girls were the first two cosplayers I saw that weekend and I went “WOW” at. There were many more that I did that too over ther weekend but these girls did look amazing.

Well done!



November 25, 2007

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. What a terrific mess Electronic Arts have made of the latest Need For Speed installment, ProStreet. I was looking forward to next title in the series, hoping for the annoying features of Carbon to have been addressed and the good features to have been developed. How foolish a hope that was.

NFS has, it seems, gone the way of reality. Or at least, as close to reality as you can get in a world where you’re led to believe people can afford to buy, customise, race and crash supercars every day. No, EA has ditched pretty much everything that made the last two titles so enjoyable and gone for a major rethink, and in doing so has produced a staggering turd.

If you’re a regular reader of Pink Domino it’s highly likely you’re a gamer and know the premise of Need For Speed; if not here’s how it works. In the previous two installments (Most Wanted and Carbon) the action takes place in enormous cities that you can drive around at your leisure. You take part in races, win cash to upgrade your car or buy new ones, get involved in Police pursuits to increase your reputation, and once ranked high enough you take on one of the big street racing names. You work your way up the list, with your goal being to take the top spot. Carbon had less emphasis on the Police aspect and essentially replaced it with the game’s trademark canyon duels, but it was pretty much the same formula.

ProStreet is vastly different from the off. For starters, the action no longer takes place in a huge location that you can drive around in. Instead all of the races take place in the form of organised events, at areas such as racetracks, and you access them through the game’s menu system. One or two of the tracks are set in cities, but largely not. So that’s a great deal of the “street racing” element gone already. You can practice on the courses first, but that’s it. Now where’s the fun in that? One of the things I loved about the previous games was the ability to just blast around the gigantic map, hooning around enjoying the car and the terrain until I was ready for a race, at which point I could jump straight in. Now I can’t do that, and it’s terrible.

Probably the greatest appeal about the previous games were the sheer unrealistic nature of them. In Most Wanted or Carbon you could take a corner at 150+mph in a Lamborghini Gallardo, lose control and hit a wall with an enormous crunch, then reverse out and continue on your merry way with nary but a cracked windscreen and a few scratches on the paintwork to show for it. And by God, but that was fun! ProStreet has done away with this, and the cars now get damaged and have been set up to handle as realistically as possible. In other words, you’re going to crash. A lot. Hit something too hard and you total the car completely, and you’re out of the race and have to pay to get it repaired. I found this out almost immediately when playing the game for the first time: setting up your profile, you’re given the option of choosing one of three different assist modes – the game can help you brake and take corners, or you can switch it off. Being something of a veteran I switched it off, my thinking being that I didn’t have the last two games telling me when to brake so I wasn’t about to start now. What a shock it was then when in the first proper race, at the very first corner I come to, I apply the brakes when it feels right and begin to turn. Only the car doesn’t seem to slow down, or turn at all. My Golf GTI goes off the corner, rolls, and is completely totaled. I’m left sitting there holding the controller in a state of disbelief.

Nevertheless, I persevere. I love cars, I’ve bought the game, and I’m determined to enjoy it. I play on, adjusting to the awful controls. I qualify through the first set of races. Great, I think, surely I’ll be able to get a better car now and onto the more exciting races. My reward? A Chevrolet Cobalt SS. Excuse me while I jump for joy. Fuck it then. I go back to the main screen and choose a quick race. These are always good – access to the best cars in the game, on a track you choose, the kind of race you choose. So here I go – Ford GT (fuck yeah), in a straight-out blast across the Nevada Desert. “This should be epic,” I think, as I rev the engine. And it was epic. Epic fail. Thanks to the new realistic controls, I get the car up to 210mph and subsequently cannot keep it on the road. The tiniest nudge on the analogue sticks sends it veering left or right wildly, and I go flying across the sand and into a telegraph pole at full force. You’ve guessed it – my new friend ‘TOTALED’ appears on the screen to taunt me.

So damn you, EA. You’ve ruined one of my favourite forms of escapism. I don’t want to race realistically-handling cars on proper racetracks – I have Gran Turismo 4 for that – I want to hurl jaw-droppingly beautiful supercars and achingly awesome muscle cars around big city streets at ridiculous speeds, safe in the knowledge that should I crash it’s not game over. I want the freedom to just ride. And you’ve taken that away from me.


Welcome to the N.H.K

November 4, 2007

I realise someone may comment on this entry and say “OLD ANIME IS OLD” but I, like a lot of Anime fans, don’t actually watch every anime every season. I didn’t have internet for about 3 years so I am catching up on Anime from about 2003 to early 2007 whilst watching anything new that comes out. So don’t you OLD ANIME IS OLD me. There are plenty of Anime fans out there who need a recap on Older Animes aswell as having new ones bought to their attention.


I am in love with Welcome to the N.H.K.

I stumbled across it after finding some images on 4chan in/c/ of Misaki and thinking she looked interesting! I am glad I checked out the anime because it is weird and funny and I do think I love it. I always like watching Animes that take a look at the life of the Otaku, even if they do go a bit over the top sometimes with the personality traits of the Otaku. Yamazaki is the classic Stereotype Otaku. One with walls covered in posters of Moe girls, loads of dating sims and echhi images of his favourite characters, he gets angry and upset easily over things like how people see Otaku and the Gaming industry and it scares me to death that I actually know people like him. Not all Otaku may be at that extreme that Yamazaki is but we are all guilty of having our favourite characters and collecting images. That’s what all Anime fans do right? We get into a series, we develop favourite characters and then we collect all images of them we can find. Hence the success of Image board websites and stuff. It’s just scary that you look at Yamazaki and in some ways at Sato, the Hikikomori.

You look at Sato and you think who do I know who would rather sit around and watch Anime than go out and socialise? You realise that there are more and more people who do this. The internet is great and all but people can become dependent on their computers. I mean you can watch TV, watch Movies, download any sort of entertainment, play games and talk to people on your computer. So whilst people who do this are Hikikomori it’s probably not the same as it was say ten or twenty years ago. You can be isolated in your room but talk to loads of people via an instant messaging program. Not that that is healthy in any way but it’s plausible and people do it. Sato is someone everyone can relate too, and this is worrying. Especially when he has a breakdown and goes all Lolicon on us. Animes that hit home draw you in and make you want to watch them.

I’ve only got to Episode 5 of Welcome to the N.H.K but it’s had me hooked from the start. The fact that it’s at the moment focusing on Yamazaki and Sato’s attempt to create an H-Game and Satos fall into Lolicon Otakuism is something that is entertaining to watch. If, like me, you have not watched this Anime yet I seriously reccomend that you do. It’s a good Anime. Besides it has the most kick ass opening and ending themes ever (:


The start of something beautiful

October 11, 2007

I’m sorry, so so so very sorry. I haven’t blogged in ages (the vast majority probably didn’t even notice, in which case I’m not sorry at all). It took me ages to think about what I should blog about, thought long and hard, even bopped myself on the head to get me to think properly. Then it occurred to me that I’m now out of practice with writing because I’ve been so busy with uni stuff. Interesting uni stuff may I add. I recently co-founded a anime society. You would think that would be the first thing I would to think to write about, buuuuuttttt no. It took a good half an hr, several bops to the head, 4 phone calls to distract myself and a cup of tea to finally tap into the genius-ness I posses. I could write about that!!! *light bulb flickers on ouran style*

I am now the treasurer of an anime society at uni! Now to protect privacy I will not be referring to people by their real names. For example, liam; our sectary, will now be referred to as Mr X. The first thing that strikes me, running an anime society is how knackering it is, running around, trying to get things sorted on time. The second thing is, how nothing brings out the geek in people more than the prospect of joining an anime society. There I was, behind my desk at freshers fair and suddenly I was hit by screams from both fangirls and fanboyd alike. I found it so odd that the majority of people signing up for our club was totally normal looking people! Sorry if that offends people, but lets face it there is a anime fan stereotype. Usually they are wearing an item of clothing signifying their love for all things anime/sci-fi or they are skulking somewhere in the back puffing on their inhaler as being out in the daylight has brought on a bad reaction. None of that, nice normal people with no allergies to groups of people or daylight. From my little view behind my desk I chatted to many students that were so happy to found a home at this new and scary place called university. One was so happy he came back several times armed with anime and glomped all the committee members for making his year.

Even our first meeting was a success. Many people turned up and all were eager to get chatting about anime and make friends. We had a quiz then went to the pub. I even heard that a few got rather quite drunk after I had left, even Mr X (see I didn’t mention Liam’s name at all!). All in all a 100% success. My only regret is that I won’t be round to see these wide eyed fans to go through uni making friends as its my last year *sob*. At least I can now say I made my mark at uni. I can’t wait till our next meeting……. Its a beautiful thing.

Oh by the way lookit lookit, its me in cosplay as nanao form Bleach!Finally a cosplay I can be proud of lol.

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Have you Petted Your Catgirl today?

September 28, 2007


LOL of the Week.

August 19, 2007

WordPress doesnt let me embed this. BASTARDS.


Because it really does show what most of the internet is made of.