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May 27, 2008

I was at the MCM Expo this weekend and I have to say these two girls were the first two cosplayers I saw that weekend and I went “WOW” at. There were many more that I did that too over ther weekend but these girls did look amazing.

Well done!


Don’t Blame Your Lack Of Sex On Women.

August 24, 2007

the only thing im serious about is not dating anyone
women are tramps ^^
Nay-Chan says:
…. ooook if you say so
that i do

I hate boys like this. Who complain that all women suck just because no woman wants to date them. This boy who said “all women are tramps” is particularly bad and particularly annoying. He seems to think that if a girl likes him she can only like him. They aren’t dating or anything, she is in no way tied to him but he wants her to act like she is. The only time you need to be absolutely faithful to someone is if you’re dating. To be fair if you do really like the guy you WON’T go off with someone else because you want to be with them. He thinks girls should be obiedient and good and do what they are told. That women can’t actually date around and fuck around because that makes them WHORES. OH FOR GODS SAKE. NO WONDER NO WOMAN WANTS YOU xD

Chill out.

That is my advice to all men with these stupid expectations of having a girlfriend who dotes upon only them, who was saving herself for them and who has aspirations of being with him and marrying him and having his children and cleaning up after him. Very few women I know go into realtionships and plan the wedding. It’s scary, so why on Earth do you think about marriage before you’re even dating her? CHILL OUT! See how things go, have some fun. That’s what good relationships are like. Chilled out, free of drama, full of trust and fun.

Have you ever thought its you that is the problem and not the Women? You can’t use your past disasters against all women kind and you can’t hang on to your heartbreak. You don’t get ANYWHERE by assuming all girls will cheat on you because one of your girlfriends cheated on you. You move on and you forgive and you learn from what happened. I have very few trust issues because I deal with the problems I have head on and get the out of the way. That’s why me and James are good friends now, that’s why I don’t have issues with thinking everyone is a pathological liar, that’s why I don’t think every man is out to control me like Rob wanted too. You have to be secure with yourself to have some sort of a decent stable relationship.

Relationships aren’t easy and you have to work at them but if they work then its great. If you have something special with someone don’t fuck it up by being stupid and clingy and worrying. If your other half loves you half as much as they say they do they will not cheat on you, they will not hurt you and they will not lie to you. There are few exceptions to this though, from what I understand. Sometimes things just go mad and neither of you can help what happens. What I’m saying is don’t stress about women and love. Let go and just go with the flow. You will be so much better mentally for it.

Your lack of sex, lack of girls, lack of girlfriend is YOUR FAULT not Womankinds fault. Grow up and sort yourself out.


Anime Loving Geek Girls: The Best Kept Secret

August 15, 2007

…”i have to admit fan girls are the most perverted people EVER! If only boys at school knew that they shouldnt go after the ‘school slut’ just go for the geeky fan girl, they are ALWAYS horny lol”…

This was put to me the other day and it got me thinking because in a lot of ways it’s true! I wouldn’t say Geek Girls on a whole are more perverted and horny than Hot Girls (I know Hot Girls is an AWFUL way of generalizing them but I mean those popular, cheerleadery types you see in teen American Shows xD) but I think Anime Loving Girls are. As I said in my last post, if you’re an Anime Loving Girl you are exposed to SO MUCH sex. It’s true! Because a lot of Anime is filled with sexual tension, innuendo and plain outright fanservice. We are used to sex. So is the above statement true? Are we what the horny boys should be going for? Let’s try and figure this out!


Let’s start with the fact Anime Loving Girls love their Cosplay. It’s true you know, we do, and most Cosplay outfits are based on Women in Anime who are amazingly Sexy. Look at the girl Above who is Cosplaying as the Wicked Sexy Misa-Chan from Death Note. She looks AMAZING. That’s the thing about Cosplay, it makes Anime Loving Girls not afraid to dress sexy and show a bit of skin. Even if they are doing BAD COSPLAY they still aren’t afraid. This makes them more confident in themselves and they feel sexy. Therefore Roleplay isn’t something that would scare an Anime-Loving Girl away. I think Role Play is something the Anime Loving Girl would be at her element in rather than the Hot Girl who may call you a freak and never want to touch you. So we have learned that Cosplay makes Anime Loving Girls not afraid of dressing up and not afraid of looking sexy. Hence why you should go for them more than the Hot Girl.

All Anime Loving Girls have an Image Stash and a lot of that Image Stash is ECCHI ECCHI ECCHI! As I said we are decensitized to it so we don’t actually see it as boobies and asses, we see the images as cool Anime pictures. So if you are one of those boys (I mean like EVERY BOY) who watches a bit of the old Pron or perhaps even some Hentai a Anime Loving Girl is more likely to sit down and watch it with you and get excited with you than chew you out about it and make you promise to never do it again. It would be hypocritical of her to say that you couldn’t have magazines hidden under the bed when she has an Ecchi stash hidden away on her computer. A few people I know have even said they hide their Yaoi and Echhi Mangas from their boyfriends rather than their boyfriends hiding their Pron from them. Anime Loving Girls are just as perverted and Echhi as any normal boy. Which I think is more refreshing then having girls squeal at you in dissaproval and make you throw ally our magazines away! The average Anime Loving Girl will make you feel comfortable and probably make the first move too because of all this xD Just don’t be scared by her love of Yaoi, if she is a Yaoi Fangirl that is, accept it and move on!

Because of these two main factors you will find that Anime Loving Girls are more open and more experimental than Hot Girls. Where Hot Girls will scream No and call you weird Anime Loving Girls will probably join in and make things hotter. So why don’t men (who are looking for some hot girls xD) realise this? Because they assume Anime Loving Girls are geekis and what is the sterotypical image of a Geek? Someone who sits along in their room all day, doesn’t have many friends and obsesses over episodes of Star Trek. Also that Geek Girls are not hot. Both of these are completely untrue and perhaps it is the Mans fault he is missing out on the great action that is the Anime Loving Geek Girl. No doubt if he got himself one of those girls and treated her good he’d be getting the best loving of his life.


Sorry kids Superman is dead, Cosmo mag killed him!

August 14, 2007

Apparently I have a third arm growing out of my head. I must do, its the only explanation to why everyone stares at me when I read a comic in public……no wait. The latest edition of my monthly comic has just come out so I leg it down to my local comic book store to buy it. This being an once a month treat I wanna enjoy it, so I buy a smoothie and sit on a bench in the town centre enjoying my comic in the sun. Then my spider sense starts to tingle; I’m being judged for reading my filthy comic out side the confines of Forbidden Planet by strangers!

Usually its single, slightly weird teenage boys that enjoy spending way too much time alone in their bedrooms that are known for reading comics. Well being a non-single female I take great pride in reading comics! I want to know if Catwoman saves Holly or see Ichigo kick the crap out of another Hollow but no, I should be reading “8 ways to find out if he loves you more than his ex” in Cosmo mag. For some reason the people in the UK have never taken to reading comics like the Japanese have. We dismiss them as childish and irrelevant. But the Japanese can read Yuri on a packed out train and no one bats an eye lid. I pull out the latest copy of Birds of Prey and I’m slapped with a literary ASBO.

I’m not reading a ‘proper’ book therefore its crap. I do enjoy reading novels but I get so much more enjoyment from comics. Each window is basically a small peice of art that could tell a thousand stories. The detail and colouring requires a talent that I could never posses and I take such delight in seeing something new every time. People say they are pointless stories about superheros and magic with no relevence to todays society. Once again I disagree. In one particular comic series, Batman:No Man’s Land, is set when Gotham is hit by a earth quake and declared ‘No mans land’. The stories demonstrate the extent people will go to survive and make a profit. The similarities to current situations around the world gave me a bit of a chill as it was written a few years ago. Go and read it, if you instantly see which disaster it is mirroring, I’ll give you some sweets ^_^.

So please dont snuff at comics because they aren’t ‘cultured’ enough. If you read one you might find it has more culture in one page than 100 copies of The News of the World you read every week.


Fangirls and Why We Find Anime Girls Hot

August 13, 2007

I am a girl and I have a substantial image folder full of Anime girls. I have never been able to explain why this is, it’s hardly to do with my Sexuality, I can say quite easily I find girls IRL sexy but I don’t have a big folder full of them in bikinis or echhi of them. I have some good stock images of my fav hot celebs for use in layouts and such but that’s hardly new. It’s this huge folder of Ecchi girls that always makes me think. If Anime debases women so much and makes them into objects to be lusted after with huge breasts and perfect bodies and bukkake then why do I, and most girls into Anime, find them just as great as the fanboys?

Women are objects of desire in some Anime (not all Anime. Its a huge form of media so I shall not restrict it all here). I mean you can look at some characters and they have full breasts and amazing figures and look hot. There are endless fanservice shots of them in their underwear or closeups of their asses. But usually a hot anime girl comes with a firey, headstrong attitude. It is very rare to see her give in to a man or lose herself around one. It is more likely to see her punch his lights out or hit him. Strong and Sexy, surely thats a great thing to be? Christina Aguilera, The Spice Girls, Beyonce.. they all are strong and Sexy. They are also all objects of desire for men and sell more records/get more publicity because of it. I don’t know. Does that make up for the fact they are obviously there to turn the male viewer on. I don’t know. But the fact it gets the female fan saving images of them and watching the Animes and rooting for them or hating them is always good.

Anime girls are hot. I’m not losing myself in this by the way, I also know they are NOT REAL. *laughs* It’s always sad to see someone who is watching Anime Girls more than Real Girls and fails to have another half because noone in Real Life actually looks like BellDandy. But you get drawn in by an amazing anime style picture thats really well drawn, really well coloured in and just looks amazing. Its a fact. So me, assuming I am the standard anime fan, having a folder full of images that I think are amazing (a lot of them Ecchi xD) is hardly surprising. I used to say that Anime fans tend to have a lax view on Sex and stuff since you are exposed to so much of it in Anime that you just don’t realise it’s there anymore. So all these images I have I don’t see as being Ecchi, or racy I just see them as awesome Anime images to add to my collection.

Perhaps it’s also the fact that Anime women are like… not like normal women. I mean they are like Normal Women obviously but they are also Cat-Girls, Fox-Girls, Bunny-Girls, Elves, Witches, Fairies, Magical School Girls, Girls with Huge Guns… All these things that are interested to watch and things we try and emulate through Cosplay. I know girls that wear Cat Ears and Cat Tails now as part of their daily wear and feel weird if they don’t have them on because they love CatGirls so much. I think that girls love to Cosplay as Sailor Moon, who wouldn’t want to be a hot, magical girl who kicks ass? They may not be the best figures to look up to sure, but you know they are pretty damn cool. I like that anyway, the fantastical and the unreal. Makes things more interesting. Also the people who draw girls like this well make some captivating art that you can’t help but save or buy in poster form to stick on your wall!

I think Women in Anime are misunderstood, but I’m not going to get into that subject here. I don’t think they are treated any differently than they are in any other. They show off their lady lumps in Film, Music, on TV so Anime is no different but I find it funny that it is seen as such a big deal in Anime. That if you say to someone you like Anime they immediately think of some obscure Hentai that was no doubt created in their imaginations with aliens and every hole being filled. If people got over this misconception and actually sat down and watched some Anime without prejudging it then they would love it I reckon. Even the Ecchi High School Comedys (because let’s face it WE ALL have a weakness for them).

God Bless the Hot Anime Girls. Let’s hope they draw more!


Heres the bigger image of this for you ❤