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May 27, 2008

I was at the MCM Expo this weekend and I have to say these two girls were the first two cosplayers I saw that weekend and I went “WOW” at. There were many more that I did that too over ther weekend but these girls did look amazing.

Well done!



January 30, 2008



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Another case of “WTF?!?” Bought to us by Japan

November 12, 2007



Seriously What the hell, who on earth would buy this? *LAUGHS* She is pooping Fire. I mean she must have eaten some MEAN curry that night and now has the worst case of the shits known to man. I don’t even know how to explain this to anyone. But this image brings us to our new segment called “CRAZY SHIT FROM JAPAN” where once a week we shall show you what you can buy from the land of Mentalness where anything goes.

Don’t you love shitting fire girl? xD


It’s All Lies.

October 12, 2007

So what have I learned from moves/anime/tv about love?

Well the one thing they all seem to have in common is when somoene in them is in Love they don’t give up. They just keep trying and trying till the get the guy/girl they are after. Take Risa in Lovely Complex. She doesn’t give up on Otani even though he rejects her twice. She just says she’s gonna try harder and try her best till he likes her. Then the dudes from Mallrats (I just watched it xD Sorry). They get dumped but in the end win their girlfriends back because they were both in Love and determined. Essentially what I have learned from movies/tv/anime about Love is it’s not that hard work, just you have to stick with it.

Problems are always overcome too. Carrie and Big went through this huge, weird relationship but ended up together because Big finally realised he loved Carrie and went to go get her. Ross and Rachel were destined to be together and how does Friends End? What’s its big finally? Ross and Rachel actually getting back together and being a family with their baby. They all seem to magically overcome their problems and the messed up pasts to just be happy and get on with things. Again Love is Easy, as long as you love him/her you will end up with him/her.


What have I learnt about love from Real Life?

Oh let us see *laughs* I am not a cynic. I do not think love is a joke or fake. I know love is real it’s just not so easy to say “I love so and so and therefore I am going to try my hardest to get them” Why is it not so easy to do that? Because there is this thing called being Desperate which all these films and tvshows and Animes seem to overlook. Rise is desperate and had that been real life Otani would have thought she was weird and clingy and kept hell away from her. You are conditioned into thinking that falling in love is easy. You like someone and they are bound to like you back but the truth is a lot harsher.

I know realtionships are hard work. I know things don’t instantly click into place and as cliche as it sounds I know the best things are the ones you work hardest for and fight for, but just for once I would like everything to fall into place. I think everyone has the right for things to go easy just once in life because to be honest I think it would be nice if everyone got to get love easy for once in their lives. Even if it’s not the love of your life you get wouldn’t it be nice to not have to work so hard at it? Of course I say this and I know that, as I said before, the best things are those you have to work for.

What is the point of this post?
I am unsure.
I just think that Love is harder than it seems.


I’m an Ex-Girlfriend. Get Me Out Of Here.

September 4, 2007

The Trials of Being an Ex-Girlfriend/Best Female Friend

I’m a girl, a sociable girl. Or should that be woman? I’m getting on in years now so maybe I should say I am a sociable woman *laughs* Either way I have a lot of male friends and at least one ex-boyfriend who I am very very good friends with therefore I have always had issues with jealous Girlfriends trying to exclude me from their boyfriends lives. You would think, due to the amount of girls who have tried to do this to me, that I was the very worst of whores who loves to steal peoples boyfriends away. I am not. Seriously, I am the nicest person and would never dream of stealing away people who are already in love. That’s just downright bad. So why do I pose such a threat to these girls? I mean am I crazy to think that if you are dating someone that you should trust them and therefore shouldn’t really be worried that they will go off with their ex-girlfriends or their close female friends. If someone loves you then they only want you and you should trust and respect them instead of causing Drama. Let’s look at the facts here about why this happens and why it’s stupid that it does.

I used to have a best friend who we refer to as Boy. Boy and I were like brother and sister, that’s literally how close we were. For a good year or so you could hardly separate us, we’d go out together and get into the most stupid situations and have a great time. Boy was dating this girl who I was also friends with, Girl and me had been friends for a while having met through one of her housemates. When her and Boy got together I was genuinely happy for them. I thought it was great! It was just after a while Girl used to confide all her worries and complaints about Boy in me. She used to say things to me that seriously scared me for Boy’s sake. She was obsessed with getting married, she was obsessed with having complete control over Boy and running his life and she was just a bit scary. The things she said to me made me seriously think Boy should not be dating her. After talking to some of my friends and asking for their advice I decided that I had to tell Boy all that was going on. I mean he was like my brother and I didn’t want him to make the biggest mistake of his life. Essentially it was up to him if he wanted to be with Girl and if he did after all the things I had to tell him I wasn’t going to be angry at him, I would have respected his decision. So I tell Boy everything I know, I tell him that I wouldn’t tell him unless I thought it was bad if he didn’t know and I really did think he deserved to know what his Girlfriend was actually like! A few months after I tell him me and him are still very good friends and so I think nothing of it. Life goes on but I don’t hear from the Girlfriend at all anymore, but by then she lived pretty far away and I just put it down to her being busy. I wasn’t too bothered. One day me, Boy and our friends go out for the day, I was meeting someone who I was crazy in love with a bit later and I needed a bit of a confidence boost. For some reason I txt Boys Girlfriend and she txts me back saying to me that I’m a liar and bitch and how dare I even contemplate texting her. She goes on to say I’m a whore and steal everyone’s boyfriends and am obviously in love with hers which is why I am trying to break them up. She says I live my life with my knickers round my ankles and the only way I can get boys is by stealing them from other girls. I am gobsmacked to say the least. I can’t believe she thinks I love Boy. That’s insane! As I said before he is like my brother. I txt her back to say so but she doesn’t listen. It’s fair to say that Boy and me don’t talk so much anymore, not that I don’t want to talk to him it’s just he now thinks I’m a liar and am in love with him because that is what she told him. At least I assume he does, we never got a chance to talk about it and now I doubt we ever will.

This is what I don’t understand. Why would that Girl think I love Boy? It’s a well known fact amongst my friends that at the time I was crazy for someone and there was one person I was interested in and Boy knew this. He had listened to me talk about the guy I was after for ages and ages and seen me try and figure it all out in my head. His Girlfriend had also heard the stories about the boy I liked and therefore KNEW I was not interested in her Boyfriend but this seemed like a good point to get me out of his life. Was I that much of a threat? I used to go out with her Boyfriend and have fun and he enjoyed being around me and my friends. We didn’t really ever invite her because she was a right mood killer but she should have trusted him to not pull any of us. Which he would never have done. Whenever I date someone I know that I have to trust them. If I don’t there isn’t much point in us dating. I can’t be all stressed because he has friends that are girls or because he has friends that he has dated because to be fair so do I! How hypocritical would it be of me to demand him to not talk to his female friends when I am still talking to my male ones? Would I want to make him feel like he has to not talkto any girls or I will punish him? I would never dream of it. I think girls that do this are setting a really bad name up for Women across the world.

I see these situations time and time again though, Girlfriends being paranoid of ex-girlfriends and close female friends of their boyfriends because they feel them a threat. They are obviously close to the boyfriends in a way these Girlfriends may never get to and they feel jealous that these girls may know things that they may never find out. Being a Girlfriend and being a Friend are two different things. If your relationship really is perfect you will probably have the best of both worlds, you will be his girlfriend but he will confide in you like he would a close friend. But for a lot of relationships I see and hear about and advise on this type of relationship hasn’t been achieved yet. It takes work you know. Being jealous of your Boyfriends close female friends just makes you look petty and clingy in his friends eyes and to be fair I think you need to make a good impression on your Boyfriends friends. If they like you then things tend to be easier! Don’t see them as a threat, try and make friends with them back! Surely if you are on good terms with them you will feel more comfortable about his having close female friends because you will know exactly what kind of girls they are and will be able to relax more when he goes out with them. That is if you HAVE to be jealous of them it is better to be jealous and try and get on with them, in an ideal world you wouldn’t be jealous at all. This brings me along to the next type of girl who gets the Girlfriends wrath, The Ex-Girlfriend.

Being an Ex-Girlfriend who is still really good friends with her Ex-Boyfriend is a rare thing in the world it would seem from what I have seen. To be able to put your past aside and to get on with things and recognise that you both actually do get along really well, love hanging out with each other and that it really would be a shame if you weren’t in each others lives after you’ve had a pretty serious relationship with someone is something that isn’t seen very often. Out of everyone I’ve date I am only really good friends and on speaking terms with one of my Ex-Boyfriends. That’s pretty pathetic right? *laughs* But from what I see having one still around is an achievement! But it’s hard work to keep him as a friend. You are forever branded “THE EX GIRLFRIEND” to anyone he gets around to dating after you, which means they instantly hate you. No matter how much you explain to your other half that the relationship you hold with your Ex is in the past and now you’re just friends they will never ever actually believe you enough to be ok with you seeing your Ex. Mine have all despised my Ex-Boyfriend who I am good friends. They have always been jealous of him and you could see it when me and him would meet up that whoever I was dating at the time would suddenly get very possessive over me and suddenly become very affectionate when my Ex was looking. I assume it was mainly because me and my Ex get along so well it makes most boys I date feel like I don’t like them as much as I like him, which really isn’t the case at all! You have to accept, especially when you date people as you get older, that they will have histories and pasts and that you have not been their only love. You have to accept that just because you don’t have any contact with your Ex’s that your new partner may really have got along with his and that you need to try and be as accepting as that as you can. Fighting over an Ex is pointless and needless drama at the end of the day. Usually what they have is in the past and as I said before, if he loves you then he won’t be looking at her and thinking about recapturing the old days. Just chill out!

My advice to anyone stressing about anything I’ve said in my post is CHILL OUT. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CHILL THE HELL OUT. Relationships are not easy, I have said that before and I shall say it again but you make them harder on yourself by causing so much drama that isn’t needed. Don’t be clingy, don’t be possessive and ACCEPT that your girlfriend or Boyfriend will have friends of the opposite sex that are really close to them and they will have Ex’s that are good friends too. You have to deal with this in a mature manner and not throw a fit about it! Listen to Nayuki, she knows the score!


Don’t Blame Your Lack Of Sex On Women.

August 24, 2007

the only thing im serious about is not dating anyone
women are tramps ^^
Nay-Chan says:
…. ooook if you say so
that i do

I hate boys like this. Who complain that all women suck just because no woman wants to date them. This boy who said “all women are tramps” is particularly bad and particularly annoying. He seems to think that if a girl likes him she can only like him. They aren’t dating or anything, she is in no way tied to him but he wants her to act like she is. The only time you need to be absolutely faithful to someone is if you’re dating. To be fair if you do really like the guy you WON’T go off with someone else because you want to be with them. He thinks girls should be obiedient and good and do what they are told. That women can’t actually date around and fuck around because that makes them WHORES. OH FOR GODS SAKE. NO WONDER NO WOMAN WANTS YOU xD

Chill out.

That is my advice to all men with these stupid expectations of having a girlfriend who dotes upon only them, who was saving herself for them and who has aspirations of being with him and marrying him and having his children and cleaning up after him. Very few women I know go into realtionships and plan the wedding. It’s scary, so why on Earth do you think about marriage before you’re even dating her? CHILL OUT! See how things go, have some fun. That’s what good relationships are like. Chilled out, free of drama, full of trust and fun.

Have you ever thought its you that is the problem and not the Women? You can’t use your past disasters against all women kind and you can’t hang on to your heartbreak. You don’t get ANYWHERE by assuming all girls will cheat on you because one of your girlfriends cheated on you. You move on and you forgive and you learn from what happened. I have very few trust issues because I deal with the problems I have head on and get the out of the way. That’s why me and James are good friends now, that’s why I don’t have issues with thinking everyone is a pathological liar, that’s why I don’t think every man is out to control me like Rob wanted too. You have to be secure with yourself to have some sort of a decent stable relationship.

Relationships aren’t easy and you have to work at them but if they work then its great. If you have something special with someone don’t fuck it up by being stupid and clingy and worrying. If your other half loves you half as much as they say they do they will not cheat on you, they will not hurt you and they will not lie to you. There are few exceptions to this though, from what I understand. Sometimes things just go mad and neither of you can help what happens. What I’m saying is don’t stress about women and love. Let go and just go with the flow. You will be so much better mentally for it.

Your lack of sex, lack of girls, lack of girlfriend is YOUR FAULT not Womankinds fault. Grow up and sort yourself out.