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A shameless bit of advertising.

June 5, 2008

Ok, now being on the PR team for this leicester anime con I should have done this earlier, but never mind! On Sept 5th-7th at De Montfort University, we have ALCON!! Last year was amazing with screenings, cosplays, competitions and parties. This year we have so much more with;

  • Anime Viewings
  • Cosplay blind date
  • Artist Ally
  • Video gaming
  • Plushie making
  • Japanese Culture lectures
  • J-party!

Along with many more! You cant tell me this isn’t worth £25 for the whole weekend! (£10 for day pass). Time and space is limited and ends 30th of June. Don’t live in Leicester? No problem there is safe comfy accommodation for a fantastic price. I attended last year it was so much fun and got to know so many people.

Go to to check it out and sign up! See you there!


Hare Hare Yukai… In Mario!?!

January 31, 2008

My hat goes off to the guy who made this, so well timed and everything.

NicoNico Link


Super Smash Bros. BAAAAAAW – A hellish Brawl leak update

January 29, 2008

Ok, here’s the deal. Brawl was leaked in Japan today. Alot, and I mean, ALOT of character announcements were leaked. As soon as I can nail down one reliable source, I’ll have a full update for you guys…which will probably be in the morning (my time, GMT -08:00, thank you). But I will safely say this:

SHOW YOUR MOVES! Capt. Falcon is back.

So, until the morning….please…don’t take everything you see on GameFAQs or /v/ seriously.


A Modest Video Game Update, of sorts…

January 15, 2008

Hey there, PD. I’m back from my hiatus! I kinda needed to take it to focus on settling into my new job with Sega of America….and unfortunately, the NDA I signed during my first day prevents me from talking about everything I’m working on or see around the office.

First off, for those far too broke and/or cheap, Dark-Alex ( has released the PSP custom firmware version 3.80 M33. What does this mean for you? The ability to enjoy all the current features of the PSP while taking advantage of the ability to play homebrew “of a completely legal nature”. I’m not saying that I condone of playing illegally downloaded games….I’m just pointing out that the option is there should you so choose to walk down that path.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii) DELAYED: As if a million fan-boys screamed out in terror, then suddenly silenced. Thaaaaaat’s right kids. The hotly anticipated sequel in the Smash Bros. franchise has been delayed once again to March 9th in America on reasons of not enough polish on the game to make it the best it can be. Worry not! Game delays are a GOOD thing. No reason to quickly push out a game when it could be that much better!

Have a Nvidia Graphics Card? Have some cake. In a deal with Nvidia, Valve just recently started offering an extended Portal Demo (Portal: First Slice), as well as some other bits (Peggle Extreme, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, etc), to PC gamers with a Nvidia graphics card. All you need is a high speed net connection,and a Nvidia graphics card. The link for the sweet deal can be found here:

And yes, Portal is THAT good.

That’s all for now. More coming soon…like some reviews….tasty reviews…..



November 25, 2007

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. What a terrific mess Electronic Arts have made of the latest Need For Speed installment, ProStreet. I was looking forward to next title in the series, hoping for the annoying features of Carbon to have been addressed and the good features to have been developed. How foolish a hope that was.

NFS has, it seems, gone the way of reality. Or at least, as close to reality as you can get in a world where you’re led to believe people can afford to buy, customise, race and crash supercars every day. No, EA has ditched pretty much everything that made the last two titles so enjoyable and gone for a major rethink, and in doing so has produced a staggering turd.

If you’re a regular reader of Pink Domino it’s highly likely you’re a gamer and know the premise of Need For Speed; if not here’s how it works. In the previous two installments (Most Wanted and Carbon) the action takes place in enormous cities that you can drive around at your leisure. You take part in races, win cash to upgrade your car or buy new ones, get involved in Police pursuits to increase your reputation, and once ranked high enough you take on one of the big street racing names. You work your way up the list, with your goal being to take the top spot. Carbon had less emphasis on the Police aspect and essentially replaced it with the game’s trademark canyon duels, but it was pretty much the same formula.

ProStreet is vastly different from the off. For starters, the action no longer takes place in a huge location that you can drive around in. Instead all of the races take place in the form of organised events, at areas such as racetracks, and you access them through the game’s menu system. One or two of the tracks are set in cities, but largely not. So that’s a great deal of the “street racing” element gone already. You can practice on the courses first, but that’s it. Now where’s the fun in that? One of the things I loved about the previous games was the ability to just blast around the gigantic map, hooning around enjoying the car and the terrain until I was ready for a race, at which point I could jump straight in. Now I can’t do that, and it’s terrible.

Probably the greatest appeal about the previous games were the sheer unrealistic nature of them. In Most Wanted or Carbon you could take a corner at 150+mph in a Lamborghini Gallardo, lose control and hit a wall with an enormous crunch, then reverse out and continue on your merry way with nary but a cracked windscreen and a few scratches on the paintwork to show for it. And by God, but that was fun! ProStreet has done away with this, and the cars now get damaged and have been set up to handle as realistically as possible. In other words, you’re going to crash. A lot. Hit something too hard and you total the car completely, and you’re out of the race and have to pay to get it repaired. I found this out almost immediately when playing the game for the first time: setting up your profile, you’re given the option of choosing one of three different assist modes – the game can help you brake and take corners, or you can switch it off. Being something of a veteran I switched it off, my thinking being that I didn’t have the last two games telling me when to brake so I wasn’t about to start now. What a shock it was then when in the first proper race, at the very first corner I come to, I apply the brakes when it feels right and begin to turn. Only the car doesn’t seem to slow down, or turn at all. My Golf GTI goes off the corner, rolls, and is completely totaled. I’m left sitting there holding the controller in a state of disbelief.

Nevertheless, I persevere. I love cars, I’ve bought the game, and I’m determined to enjoy it. I play on, adjusting to the awful controls. I qualify through the first set of races. Great, I think, surely I’ll be able to get a better car now and onto the more exciting races. My reward? A Chevrolet Cobalt SS. Excuse me while I jump for joy. Fuck it then. I go back to the main screen and choose a quick race. These are always good – access to the best cars in the game, on a track you choose, the kind of race you choose. So here I go – Ford GT (fuck yeah), in a straight-out blast across the Nevada Desert. “This should be epic,” I think, as I rev the engine. And it was epic. Epic fail. Thanks to the new realistic controls, I get the car up to 210mph and subsequently cannot keep it on the road. The tiniest nudge on the analogue sticks sends it veering left or right wildly, and I go flying across the sand and into a telegraph pole at full force. You’ve guessed it – my new friend ‘TOTALED’ appears on the screen to taunt me.

So damn you, EA. You’ve ruined one of my favourite forms of escapism. I don’t want to race realistically-handling cars on proper racetracks – I have Gran Turismo 4 for that – I want to hurl jaw-droppingly beautiful supercars and achingly awesome muscle cars around big city streets at ridiculous speeds, safe in the knowledge that should I crash it’s not game over. I want the freedom to just ride. And you’ve taken that away from me.


A Drew Update!

November 3, 2007

Hey kids! It’s me Drew! Sorry about the lack of gaming stuff over the past few weeks. I’m currently in the process of moving, changing jobs, and dealing with some personal issues.

So, I’ll be back in about a week with a backlog of crap and reviews that have been building up over the past few weeks.

Oh, and as a slight preview, Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve played it from beginning to end and I must say, it kicks much ass. BUY IT (when it comes out in a week.) Longer review coming soon…..

So, until I get all settled in my new place, keep gaming PD!


Rant/Review: I hate Halo 3

October 3, 2007

Halo 3So, now, by this time, most everyone who calls themselves a Halo 3 fan must have picked up the game. That’s nice. Really. Please, enjoy your game. From what I’ve been reading, it seems to be a solid game. Cool. Now, here’s my gripe. Just, please, play your damn game and shut the fuck up. For the past 3 months, Microsoft’s Marketing Department has been making sure that people like me (Retail Employee/Blogger/Average Gamer) have been ANALLY assaulted with marketing for Halo 3. I’ve played the game TWICE and I’m so fucking sick of it already. Game reviewers are tossing “Perfect”scores at the damn game like they’re candy being hurled at small children in funny costumes around this time of the year.

Now, my take on the game, which I have been with-holding for quite some time now due to the fact that I’d rather not face down the absolute hell of a shit storm that would occur by Microsoft fanboys making an attempt to justify that “but..but..but…you gotta play the multiplayer”. Listen, the game is screamingly average. It doesn’t do much to improve on the FPS genre. This is not the genre defining game you’ve all been looking forward to. Considering that the marketing beast behind this game claimed that you “finish the fight” doesn’t go for a whole lot. The story mode lasts for maybe 6 hours (8 hours if you actually try to shoot things). It’s funny really. I sat down with a friend to play legendary and we found ourselves moreover running like mad rather than shooting, because when you actually try to kill things, more times than not, you take a brute shotgun to the face which is instant death. The friendly AI is nothing to write home about either. I have no idea what the friendly units are trying to shoot at half the time (maybe a fucking rock, I dunno) or even if they’ve had proper driving instruction (hell, they probably couldn’t get a driver’s license in California, and THAT’S impressive).

Now, onto the multiplayer. I found myself having deja-vu half the fucking time because, suprise suprise, it’s essentially Halo 2’s multiplayer with new maps and a few new guns and the level editor from Marathon thrown in (And I use the term level editor loosely. The ability to move around spawn points and weapon spawn point does not make for a level editor). This leads me to believe that Microsoft has pulled the greatest con of all time by have over 1 million people pay $60+ for a expansion pack to Halo 2’s multiplayer. I’m not going to really say much about the multiplayer, because, what is there to say? “OMG, LIEK HALO MP IS SOO FUCKING AEWSOEM!!!11111 HUR HUR HUR” Sorry, but I’m not going to stoop that low unless I get some “incentive” to say such things. (You know where to send the check to, Microsoft).

In closing, Halo 3 is….average…very very average. Rent it or play it at a friend’s house. If you really want to buy it, wait another month before picking it up used.

Drew’s Reccomendation: Meh….if you want more Halo multiplayer and have $60+ to toss out the window…it’s your loss. Otherwise, for new players, don’t bother.