May 26, 2008




A Thought on Obsessing over Songs

March 28, 2008

My friend is always making fun of me because I have a habit of totally freaking out over songs I love. He always says I’m “Emoing” out over them. I think it happened recently with an Idlewild track I hadn’t heard in a while. I heard it and then freaked out and was singing it with actual feeling. *laughs* Now I think this is a pretty natural thing. I mean I do it quite a lot without realising. I can’t go anywhere without my MP3 player because when I am walking around/taking the train/riding a bus/working or doing anything alone I need to have music playing. I’m not sure why but it makes me feel safer to have some music playing. So recently I have been doing this “emoing out” over In Defense of the Genre by Say Anything. I don’t just mean the song off the album called that, I mean the whole damn album. I have decided to analyse why I do it.

There is something about Max Bemis’ voice that makes me melt. I hate saying that beacuse I sound like some sort of Scenester Fangirl (gahnothing can be futhur from the truth believe me!) but there is something in that raspy American accent that makes me just want to jump him. I think he is the reason I have that weird thing for American guys. Anyway hearing his voice when he sings lines like “My wish is when I touch myself I am conjuring you” or “I can’t explain how I feel all i know is that this is real” makes me litterlly twinge inside. YES YES I AM LAME BUT I LOVE IT SO I CAN’T HELP IT. Maybe this is why I am always smiling to myself on the trains in the morning. Max is making me happy.

Secondly I like Say Anything lyrics. I think they are quite clever. So I always like to sing them and to sing along with Max. He always sings with passion and so it always eggs me on to sing just as loud and stuff. The thing about the album is it grew on me. I loved the first album instantly….. but like this album had to grow on me. I loved some tracks after the first hearing but the ones I love now are the ones I heard a few times and then realised how amazing they were. It is an album I always want to listen to when I am on my way to work and hasn’t actually grown old yet. Yes ok so I Emo out over it but is it really that bad to relate/love the music I listen to so much? I don’t think it is.

It’s not just when I’m alone I Emo out to things, I know when we go out and something comes on that we love we all go mental. We didn’t even like My Chemical Romance but when they used to play I’m not A Gay OK (I promise) you’d see all of us jumping around and dancing like we meant every word (I realise that makes very little sense). I think it was just the fun of it. Everyone is always so stuck about music, especially the kind of music I like. You have to like things that are underground and as soon as a band goes Mainstream they become “lame”. But I don’t awnt to only like bands who are barely signed to a label, I want to like stupid bands and stupid songs because they are FUN. When did music become so serious? When did it become such a damn fashion trend?…. *thinks* … Well I guess it’s always been such a damn fashion trend! But you know, my music is MY music so if I want to freak out over Say Anything and then freak out over something by Radiohead or the Beatles then I bloody well will!

So readers, what about you? How do you feel on the whole Emoing out over songs thing? Let’s hear your views!

Here have some Say Anything. 😉

“A Walk Through Hell”

And if I could swim
I’d swim out to you in the ocean,
Swim out to where you were floating
in the dark.
And if was blessed
I walk on the water you’re breathing,
To lend you some air for that heaving
Sunken chest.
‘Cause they chose you
As the model
For their empty little dreams.
With your new head
And your legs spread
Like a filthy magazine.
And they hunt you
And they gut you
And you give in.

And if I was brave
I’d climb up to you on the mountain.
They led you to drink from their fountain
Spouting lies.
And I’d slay
The horrible beast they commissioned
To steer me away from my mission
To your eyes,
And I’d stand there
Like a soldier
With my foot upon his chest.
With my grin spread
And my arms out
In my bloodstained Sunday’s best,
And you’d hold me
I’d remind you
Who you are…
Under their shell..

I’d walk through hell for you.
Let it burn right through my shoes.
These soles are useless without you.
Through hell for you
Let the torturing ensue.
My soul is useless without you

And if they sent a whirlwind,
I’d hug it like a harmless little tree.
Or an earthquake,
I’d calm it,
And I’d bring you back to me,
And I’d hold you
In my weak arms like a first born.

I’d walk through hell for you.
Let it burn right through my shoes.
These soles are useless without you.
Through hell for you
Let the torturing ensue.
My soul is useless without you (through hell for you)

(through hell for you) without you
Without you (through hell for you)
Without you (through hell for you)

Now, I’ve walked through hell for you,
What’s an adventurer to do
But rest these feet at home with you


A Little Update

March 28, 2008

Hello my dears. I have been in Canada for the last two weeks which would explain my lack of updates and well general lack of looking at Pink Domino. We were meant to get a new Layout but the person who was meant to help do that IS NOT VERY RELIABLE. Anyway in honor of my trip to Canada (which is a country I now love) I present to you Mr Andrew Bravener. A sexy Candian from Canadia making CINNAMON BUNS which are the tastiest thing ever. Tasty boy makes Tasty food. Where in this video is the fail? Nowhere, that’s right.

Cinnamon Buns in less than 5 minutes? Yes please I say. Yes please.




March 3, 2008




February 28, 2008

Fucking rise up, sons and daughters of the Internet.

Rise the fuck up and stay up. Let ’em know we’ll take the fight to them, and that we’ll help every single person that wants to leave the cult. We have lawyers and social workers and therapists in our ranks, and we can, and will, give aid to those who want out.

We are Anonymous. For the lulz, but moar than that now. For teh most epic win. Revoke Scientology’s tax-exempt status. Great Justice for Lisa McPherson.



Moar U.N. Owen was her?

February 12, 2008

I’m back after being a lazy lazy boyo, and here I bring you all more of the wonder that is U.N. Owen was her?

Here is Lucky Star with its ever so great Misao VAVAVAVA mix, with added Tsukasa.

Also the song done in Mario, I always love watching these videos, tis amazing just how well planned out they are.


U.N. Owen was… who?

February 5, 2008

This here my friends is a remix of the Touhou song called U.N. Owen was her? This one may be the best one ever made… I mean… Just listen to it!!! ITS PURE GOLD!!!

U.N. Owen was her? is the theme to Touhou 6’s extra stage boss, Flandre Scarlet. Flandre is a 495 year old loli vampire of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and is the younger sister to Remillia Scarlet. Mostly its easy to think of Flandre as a Yandere, as she is most of the time shown to be completely insane, heck she could make Nice Boat look like Nice floor… then again that is just some of the Doujinshi and fanart speaking there.

Fanart by Aozora-Market

Now why the name U.N. Owen was her? for the song? Well its a reference to Agatha Christie’s novel “And Then There Were None” and U.N. Owen was a character in that book that was never seen in person, but I’m guessing its some sort of scary person, like Flandre… Who knows, its just one damn good song.

Anyway here is the original version of the song (sorry for the cut off at the end)

And for poops and giggles here are so more crazy remixes of U.N. Owen was her?

Cool & Create (Doujinshi music group) have their fun:

Tami☆Flu Miko, featuring the Angry Germen kid:

And for those who can use NicoNico.