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A shameless bit of advertising.

June 5, 2008

Ok, now being on the PR team for this leicester anime con I should have done this earlier, but never mind! On Sept 5th-7th at De Montfort University, we have ALCON!! Last year was amazing with screenings, cosplays, competitions and parties. This year we have so much more with;

  • Anime Viewings
  • Cosplay blind date
  • Artist Ally
  • Video gaming
  • Plushie making
  • Japanese Culture lectures
  • J-party!

Along with many more! You cant tell me this isn’t worth £25 for the whole weekend! (£10 for day pass). Time and space is limited and ends 30th of June. Don’t live in Leicester? No problem there is safe comfy accommodation for a fantastic price. I attended last year it was so much fun and got to know so many people.

Go to to check it out and sign up! See you there!



May 27, 2008

I was at the MCM Expo this weekend and I have to say these two girls were the first two cosplayers I saw that weekend and I went “WOW” at. There were many more that I did that too over ther weekend but these girls did look amazing.

Well done!



May 26, 2008

Ok, so I’ve been getting a lot of stick for the Article I wrote a while back on how some people just shouldn’t cosplay. I stand by what I said, I still think if you are gonna Cosplay you should do something that suits you and not just do something easy for the sake of it. I also stand by the fact fat girls in Lycra is just wrong however you look at it. But I think I shall go into my points a bit more, because I do not hate fat people which is what some of you seem to think.

Since I wrote that post I have been to several Anime coventions and witnessed some AMAZING cosplays and some AWFUL Cosplays. I think that it’s just hit and miss with Cosplay. There is more to it than saying “Oh Man Rikku is so hot. I’ll be here and everyone will think I am hot”. I think a lot of Cosplayers are very unimaginative to be honest, it’s all Bleach/Naruto/FinalFantasy and it gets boring. I’m not saying these people don’t do a good job in their Cosplays, because they do, but I wish people took more risks. There was a group of people I know who were different Digimon at the MCM Expo this year, that was interesting and attention grabbing. One of my friends was Gloomy Bear and he looked amazing. I would actually like to see more Sailor Senshi aswell, but they are all outnumbered by people being Bleach Characters or Narutards. It makes me think Cosplaying to some people is about being recognised and seeing how many photographs will be taken of them. I mean a Bleach character is going to get more photos than a character from say Lovely Complex or Somedays Dreamers but it shouldn’t be down to how many photos you get it should be down to being a character you love no matter how well known it is.

This is an amazing Cosplay. It’s amazing how creative some people can be with such over-cosplayer Characters such as the ones in Death Note (: Now if only everyone could be this clever. Having said that if we didn’t have the world of lame Cosplayers we wouldn’t appreciate the amazing Cosplayers so much. I have discovered that Cosplaying is a crazy and weird world full of elitism and wonderfully creative people. It is also full of semi-naked obese women painted blue in thongs. Which terrifys me.

I have a lot of respect for people who Cosplay well (: I hope that next time I cosplay I’ll be awesome aswell!


In An Attempt to Post one Thing A Day

January 27, 2008




November 12, 2007



Is that a guy or a girl?

Seriously I have no idea xD

Someone enlighten me.