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A shameless bit of advertising.

June 5, 2008

Ok, now being on the PR team for this leicester anime con I should have done this earlier, but never mind! On Sept 5th-7th at De Montfort University, we have ALCON!! Last year was amazing with screenings, cosplays, competitions and parties. This year we have so much more with;

  • Anime Viewings
  • Cosplay blind date
  • Artist Ally
  • Video gaming
  • Plushie making
  • Japanese Culture lectures
  • J-party!

Along with many more! You cant tell me this isn’t worth £25 for the whole weekend! (£10 for day pass). Time and space is limited and ends 30th of June. Don’t live in Leicester? No problem there is safe comfy accommodation for a fantastic price. I attended last year it was so much fun and got to know so many people.

Go to to check it out and sign up! See you there!